Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu

Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu

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I had a chance to stay at the Four Season Oahu at Ko Olina and it happened to be over the weekend, meaning I would be there for the fantastic La Hiki Sunday Brunch.

I was surprised at how casual it was, in a good way, and some of the unique dishes they offered compared with other brunch spots on Oahu.

I am slowly compiling experiences at the most popular Sunday brunch spots and hope to have a roundup article done soon. In the meantime, you can read about the Halekulani Orchid’s Sunday brunch which is top shelf.

If you are planning to stay at the Four Seasons Oahu make sure you book the right way to get free breakfast and additional perks. See the latest reviews here.

What is included in the La Hiki Sunday Brunch

I tried my best to capture images of all that was offered, but unfortunately, I missed several items. However, I did capture everything on video and you can watch that here. I will have videos up for all the major Sunday brunch options on Oahu so be sure to subscribe.

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Let’s start with the carving station at La Hiki.

The prime rib was excellent! You could see all the spices and crispy goodness on the outside while still retaining a moist and tender center. It was almost fork-cut soft and the edges were delicious.

Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu

Right next to the prime rib was the whole roasted pig. The shredded pork was flavorful and not dry, very easy to overcook pork, especially when done at scale. Each piece was tender and juicy.

Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu

The fresh crab, oyster, and shrimp station was the most popular in the buffet for obvious reasons. I felt like it was in a crowded area so near to the raw fish and sushi rolls, maybe by design. With that said the line always moved quickly so the wait was never that long.

Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu

There is one hidden station near the omelet station, it has the lobster tails in a giant steamer, don’t miss it! I like lobster but think it’s a bit overhyped. Anything that needs to be dunked in butter and can’t stand alone in pleasing my palate is knocked down a few notches. With that said I had these plain and they were quite tasty.

Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu

Outside of the main stations, there were a few standouts that I think should be mentioned. If you like noodles as I do then try the ramen station. It is cooked fresh right in front of you and you get a choice of miso or shoyu-based broth. Lots of toppings and it’s piping hot all the way back to your table.

Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu
Delightful La Hiki Sunday Brunch | Four Seasons Oahu

Lets take a look at the desserts!

They had quite a selection and I tried each and every one of them. Except for the chocolate donut which was dry I would recommend giving each one a spot on your plate.

Butter Mochi – I’m used to large squares but for such a small piece it was perfect, get 5 next time.

Chocolate donut – Dry donut, pass on this one, not with the plate space.

Lilikoi – Topping was tart and flavorful but the cake portion was a bit dry and bland

Fruit tart – The custard was light and delicate with flavor, the crust was a bit thick which dried it out a bit. Whip cream slightly overpowers the custard.

Chocolate fancy – Very moist, kind of a brownie taste. Chocolate lovers will appreciate this one.

Fruity cookie – An excellent cookie that the flavor comes out the more you chew it.


Taking into account that this was a busy Sunday brunch the service was excellent and on par with what one would expect at a Four Seasons property.

My coffee cup never went empty and the staff was available for questions and requests throughout my meal. Lots of smiles and quick service made this an enjoyable morning.


The ambiance here is very family friendly. Located right next to the main pool and open on 3 sides it had a casual relaxed feeling while serving up some amazing dishes.

Head down in shorts or dress up with slacks and an Aloha shirt, it’s all good. The chatter among guests was lively and energizing so if you are looking for a quiet cup of coffee maybe look elsewhere.

La Hiki Sunday Brunch Parking

You get complimentary valet parking up to 2 hours, just enough time, with restaurant validation. If you finish early and still have time I recommend you head down to the Ko Olina lagoons and take a walk along the path or step onto the sand. Great way to finish after a delicious meal and the views are amazing.

Four Seasons Oahu where the La Hiki Sunday Brunch is located

Location and Contact Information

Does the brunch at La Hiki include alcohol?

No the price only includes coffee and fruit juices, alcohol can be purchase for an additional charge.

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this Sunda brunch at La Hiki and will gladly come back. At $115 per person, it puts it on the high side when compared to 100 Sails and Hoku’s Sunday brunch but close enough, especially if you are on the west side of Oahu and don’t want to drive into Waikiki.

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