Orchids Breakfast Buffet | Best Brunch In Waikiki

Four station carving station at Orchids breakfast buffet

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If you are going to visit just one buffet while in Waikiki, then the Orchids breakfast buffet is it.

You need to make a reservation for this one way in advance, I mean months out. Book your Mother’s Day reservation during Christmas if you can.

There is one other option to getting in and I discovered it when I was booking my stay at the Halekulani Hotel. Ask the agent taking the reservation if they can get you in for a spot. This worked for me but no guarantee, given Halekulani’s legendary service standards my guess is they have a few spots for hotel guests on the side.

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What Is Included In The Orchids Breakfast Buffet

Photoshop you say? No. Look at that spread.

Four carving stations for the breakfast buffet, count them.

A juicy ham, prime rib, succulent roast pig, and a whole turkey….decisions, decisions.

Pro tip – Below the roast pig is a tray full of crispy skin that you can ask for. Chicharon lovers delight.

I had the ham, prime rib, and roast pork, all juicy and cooked to perfection.

Four station carving station at Orchids breakfast buffet

Ah the omelet station, the only thing that trumps a loco moco on the menu. If you are staying at the Halekulani and want to head out one morning for breakfast take walk over to Goofy Cafe & Dine nearby, excellent loco moco gravy.

Not only was this station loaded with options but the service was friendly and quick. I loaded mine up so it was plump like the turkey at the carving station. It needed its own plate.

Omelet station at Orchids breakfast buffet
Orchids Breakfast Buffet | Best Brunch In Waikiki

Ramen noodles for breakfast? I loved it but of course, I love my noodle just about any time of day. Lots of topping and fresh broth completed the selection.

ramen noodle station at Orchids breakfast buffet
Orchids Breakfast Buffet | Best Brunch In Waikiki

No pre-made sushi here. Just like a fine Japanese restaurant this setup was designed for those who like to watch it being made right in front of them. Over 10 different options to choose from.

sashimi and sushi station at Orchids breakfast buffet

The salad station was not busy, as with most buffets, but the selection was impressive. An extensive collection of cheeses and deli meats was also available. I wonder if this is where they put the new staff members to ease them into the most popular breakfast buffet on the island?

Orchids Breakfast Buffet | Best Brunch In Waikiki

This was a popular station and although we all tried, it never got low. The crab legs and extra jumbo shrimps were ready for seafood lovers and did not disappoint will all the extras.

Orchids Breakfast Buffet | Best Brunch In Waikiki

Early morning desserts, mmmm. I mean pan(cakes) with syrup are literally just flat cakes with liquid frosting right?

Pick your passion and they have it, I never made it this far after all the other choices but the little ones did do some damage.


It was a buffet so hard to really judge the service but I was disappointed with one aspect which was the dress code. I brought covered shoes just for this reservation. The website clearly states that “Casual resort attire. T-shirts, tank tops, beachwear, exercise attire or flip-flops are not permitted.”, and yet it was all around us.

Bothered me for about 1 second and then I moved on but when you are at the Halekulani you expect more.

table setting at Orchids breakfast buffet


This. I mean c’mon, what more do you want?

This is the outdoor seating area for Orchids and I recommend you ask to be seated here. Just over the hedge is a walkway and the ocean waves splash against it creating a surreal atmosphere.

The small grassy area is a perfect spot for photos with Diamond Head in the background, and it is also great for little ones to burn off some of the sugar.

Orchids Breakfast Buffet | Best Brunch In Waikiki

Orchids Halekulani Parking

Valet or self-parking is free with validation at the restaurant, don’t forget. I recommend valet since you may be a little heavier after the meal.

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Final Thoughts

The Orchids breakfast buffet at the Halekulani Hotel is the best on the island of Oahu, some would also argue the best in the state. I encourage anyone visiting to book this buffet months in advance and to put it on your shortlist.

Have you had a chance to enjoy the famous Orchis breakfast buffet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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