10 Best Maui Restaurants | Dining Guide for (2024)

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I just updated this best Maui restaurants guide for 2024 and it was depressing. So many establishments have been destroyed in the fires that ravaged this special place. I hope to see them back on this list soon, let me know if you hear anything in the comments below.

I lived in Maui for several years, now on Oahu, and enjoyed many delicious meals from Haiku to Kapalua and Kihei to Waiehu (where I lived). The food scene is very strong on Maui and the caliber of dining is some of the best in the world.

Maui is a paradise for foodies, with an abundance of delicious and fresh food options. From seafood to traditional Hawaiian cuisine, Maui has something for everyone. Let me highlight for you some of the best Maui restaurants on the island.

If you are heading to Oahu I have an extensive list of restaurants I recommend, check it out when you have time.

Mama’s Fish House (Top Pick for Best Maui Restaurants)

Mamas Fish House is one of the best maui restaurants
Photo courtesy of Mama’s Fish House

You may need to book this Maui restaurant 4-6 months in advance to so plan accordingly.

Mama’s Fish House is a must-visit restaurant in Maui. It has been serving delicious seafood for over 50 years, and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Mama’s Fish House is known for its fresh fish caught daily, and its Polynesian-inspired decor. Be sure to try the Crab Stuffed Mahi Mahi and the Mai Tai.

If you want to skip straight to dessert check out the best ice cream shops in Maui.

Tin Roof

a bowl of food with rice and vegetables
Photo courtesy of Tin Roof

Known for its casual atmosphere and delicious Hawaiian comfort food.

Owned and operated by renowned Chef Sheldon Simeon, the Tin Roof has earned a reputation for its innovative and affordable dishes that showcase local ingredients and flavors.

The menu at Tin Roof features a variety of bowls, sandwiches, and other dishes, often with a contemporary twist on traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Signature items include the Mochiko Chicken, Poke Bowls, and Pork Belly. The menu is known to change seasonally, ensuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients are used to create the best possible dining experience.

The restaurant has a laid-back vibe with a walk-up counter service format, making it perfect for grabbing a quick, delicious meal on the go. There is limited seating available, so many people choose to take their orders to go. Tin Roof has earned a loyal following of both locals and tourists alike who appreciate its flavorful food and friendly service.

Keep in mind that Tin Roof is typically closed on Sundays, and their hours of operation may vary on holidays. It’s always a good idea to check their website or call ahead to confirm their hours and menu offerings before planning a visit.

Kula Bistro

a plate of food on a table
Photo courtesy of Kula Bistro

Kula Bistro is a family-owned restaurant that serves Italian-American cuisine with a Hawaiian twist. The restaurant is known for its homemade pasta and pizza, as well as its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to try the Lobster Ravioli and the Kula Bistro Pizza.

Monkeypod Kitchen Kaanapali

a table with plates of food
Photo courtesy of Monkeypod Kitchen

In addition to the Kaanapali location they also have another well reviewed spot in Wailea.

Monkeypod Kitchen is a casual restaurant that serves modern American cuisine with a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and a large selection of craft beers and cocktails. Some of the popular dishes at Monkeypod Kitchen are the Wood-Fired Pizza and the Coconut Cream Pie.

The Gazebo

a building with a triangular roof and a sign on it
Photo courtesy of Gazebo Cafe

Gazebo Restaurant is a casual beachfront restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is known for its fluffy pancakes and its famous Macadamia Nut Pancakes. Be prepared to wait in line, as Gazebo Restaurant is very popular among tourists.

Merriman’s Kapalua

a plate of food with a fork and knife
Photo courtesy of Merriman’s

Merriman’s Kapalua is an upscale farm-to-table restaurant that offers breathtaking ocean views. The restaurant sources its ingredients from local farmers and fishermen and serves a range of dishes inspired by Hawaiian and international cuisine. Some of the popular dishes at Merriman’s are the Opah and the Ahi Poke.

Da Kitchen Kihei

a plate of food with sauces and rice
Photo courtesy of Da Kitchen

Da Kitchen in Kihei – it’s a really popular local spot with awesome Hawaiian comfort food. The menu has a mix of classic Hawaiian dishes like kalua pig, loco moco, and fish tacos. They also have some creative fusion dishes like the Spam musubi and the teriyaki cheeseburger – so many tasty choices!

One cool thing about Da Kitchen is that the portions are huge, so if you go, make sure you’re hungry! It’s a casual and family-friendly place with a lively atmosphere. You can sit inside or outside and enjoy the beautiful Maui weather.

Hula Grill Kaanapali

a bowl of pasta with vegetables and sauce
Photo courtesy of Hula Grill Kaanapali

Hula Grill is a beachfront restaurant that offers stunning views of Kaanapali Beach. The restaurant serves traditional Hawaiian cuisine with a contemporary twist, using fresh local ingredients. Some of the popular dishes at Hula Grill are the Ahi Poke, the Kalua Pork Tacos, and the Hula Pie. Don’t forget to try their signature Mai Tai while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

The Banyan Tree

a bowl of soup with bread on a white surface
Photo courtesy of The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree is an upscale restaurant located at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant serves modern cuisine with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients. Some of the popular dishes at The Banyan Tree are the Roasted Beet Salad, the Wagyu Ribeye, and the Kona Lobster.

Morimoto Maui

a plate of food on a table
Photo courtesy of Morimoto Maui

Morimoto Maui is a Japanese fusion restaurant located at the Andaz Maui in Wailea. The restaurant is known for its creative dishes that blend traditional Japanese cuisine with Hawaiian ingredients. Some of the popular dishes at Morimoto Maui are the Toro Tartare, the Hamachi Tacos, and the A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef.

The Plantation House

a table and chairs in a room with a view of the golf course
Photo courtesy of The Plantation House

The Plantation House is an upscale restaurant located on a golf course in Kapalua. The restaurant offers stunning views of the ocean and the mountains, and serves modern Hawaiian cuisine with a focus on local and sustainable ingredients. Some of the popular dishes at The Plantation House are the Lobster Bisque, the Kona Kampachi, and the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.

Maui is a foodie’s paradise, with an abundance of fresh and delicious options to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, Hawaiian cuisine, or something with an international twist, there’s a restaurant in Maui that will satisfy your taste buds. We hope this list of the best restaurants in Maui has given you some inspiration for your next culinary adventure on the island.

Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments, always something new going on with restaurants on Maui.


Brandon Hughes
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  1. How is you always miss the Hula Girl? Not hula grill. Hula Girl. The sail boat. And yes we are a floating restaurant with a full kitchen and ala carte menu. You picked the same average places and Mama’s is so over priced because you guys keep hyping it. I change my fish daily

    • Nice plug for Hula Girl, 🙂 I’ll bite.

      This list does not include any boat charter services that include meals. I plan to be on Maui during the 4th quarter of this year visiting a few hotels/restaurants to do reviews, I will consider yours if I have time and budget.

      I would argue that maybe Mama’s Fish House is UNDER priced based on the recommended 4-6 month reservation timeframe. It may be expensive based on price alone but clearly people are lining up to eat there. The food and service is excellent there; unless things change, it will make all the lists that “us guys” create. I hope to also stay at the Mama’s Fish House Inn for a review in the future.

      Will definitely swing by Hula Girl when I visit, at least for a photo and quick peek.

  2. Ummm- Fleetwood’s on Front St needs to be on this list? Also Da Kitchen is open again in Kihei.

    • Da Kitchen is back? Ok will add that one on, I know they closed on Oahu and Kahului back in 2020 and then were doing something out of another cafe for a while. Thanks for keeping the list real and up to date. Now I just need to fly over for some deep-fried spam musubi!


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