Classy Cool STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas | Review & Video

Stripsteak las vegas

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I had the chance to dine at the STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas recently and had some interesting dishes for sure. I was most impressed with some unique appetizers and *gasp* the sea bass.

I look forward to visiting this location again with friends, read on to see what I had and what I thought.

I was staying at the Delano Hotel which is connected to the Mandalay Bay Resort giving me multiple dining options which was nice. If you are looking for a more liquid diet and some tunes check out the S Bar.

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What I Ordered At Strip Steak Las Vegas

First up was a Winter Old Fashion – bourbon, apple brandy, maple toasted pecan bitters. This was extra smooth and perfectly mixed for bourbon lovers. I could almost taste the bitters but it was just under the hood on this one.

Classy Cool STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas | Review & Video

My wife ordered the Fruit Ninja and I loved the origami cranes, these were tiny and provided that extra touch. The drink itself was fruity and light, the rim is crusted with a spicy dusting of espinila. Very refreshing! Don’t lick the rim unless you want a spicy tongue for the evening. Made with tequila, lime, honey, grapefruit, and yuzu sake.

Instead of bread, they brought out some fries that were seasoned three ways, dill, truffle, and herb. Complimentary and a nice change from the usual fare. They were delicious and cooked perfectly but I had to hold back because I needed to save room for the rest of the evening.

I did order the truffle cornbread because, well, it sounded tasty! It was moist and flavorful, and I ended up not being a fan of the truffle flavor butter but others said they liked it. It was delicate.

Our waiter came by with some lobster toast that was double ordered by accident for another table, nice! They change out the rice for toast, a unique spin on the traditional sushi roll, it was excellent! Crunchy on the bottom and spicy on the top delicious and fun. The wasabi was not too spicy and the jalapeño was just the right size.

I recommend you try this one if you dine here.

appetizer at the STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas

Instant double-cut bacon, they had me at bacon so I had to order it. The glaze was perfect but I wouldn’t call it bacon, more like a tender fatty pork with a crisp edge. Almost bacon, not quite.

If you like lechon, give this one a try for sure.

Classy Cool STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas | Review & Video

The spicy pork belly fried rice had a nice heat and the rice was cooked evenly throughout. A couple of pieces of the pork were a bit large but all in all the mix of vegetables and pork was excellent. A unique combo with my steak and a perfect pairing with the miso-glazed sea bass.

I think adding this to a loco moco plate or a fried rice omelet would also be “next level”.

Classy Cool STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas | Review & Video

The miso-glazed sea bass was the surprise dish of the night. Yes, a fish dish at a steak restaurant, mind you I didn’t order the $200+ steak but I have had sea bass at several other restaurants. Vegetables were fresh and crunchy and the dashi really hit the spot

Classy Cool STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas | Review & Video

I ordered the 20 oz cowboy ribeye, medium rare, and waited in anticipation for what was to come. It was cooked perfectly, pink throughout, with not an overcooked brown edge in sight. I do wish the platter was hotter and the steak as well, I like the sizzle and it just wasn’t there. Tender and juicy with no complaints from me, well done.


I found the service to be perfect for a steak house.

The waiter knew his stuff and was quick to give his recommendations on drinks, appetizers, and sides. Even the busser had a bounce in his step and a quick reply to any questions I had.

As service levels in all areas change with the times I notice these things more and more, or maybe I’m just getting older, nah.


A casual but refined location in Las Vegas that I think really paired well with the menu and overall staff vibe. I will be doing a comparison review with the location in Waikiki and look forward to seeing the design elements there as well.

A perfect first date or group meet up place in the Mandalay Bay Resort and right down the hallway from the Delano where I was staying.

Classy Cool STRIPSTEAK Las Vegas | Review & Video

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Final Thoughts

A great place to get together in Las Vegas and the service was above some of my other experiences nearby. I enjoyed dining here and will put it on my list of “solid” places to visit on the go-round. Let me know if you have been here and what you thought.


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