Review: Sexy Sultry S Bar Las Vegas

Review: Sexy Sultry S Bar Las Vegas

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The S Bar Las Vegas has the devil on its sign so proceed forewarned!

If you go early, like I did, for hors d’oeuvres and such then I wouldn’t sweat the devil too much unless you bring him with you. I really enjoyed the ambiance, service, cocktails, and food at this location.

I knew the cocktails would be top shelf but was additionally surprised with the quality of food and overall staff encounters. Located in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino I think this place is a lucky winner.

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Cocktails At The S Bar Las Vegas

The cocktails at the S Bar Las Vegas were fun, well crafted, and presented in an artistic way.

First up for the night was a unique cocktail called “There Should Be Unicorns”. A light sprinkling of sprinkles and a strawberry half on top made this a fun and creamy indulgence. It was light with an almost creamsicle or fruity lava flow flavor, recommended for those that don’t want a strong alcohol taste.

Made with hibiscus gin, nigori sake, and strawberry cream soda.

Review: Sexy Sultry S Bar Las Vegas

If you enjoy your bourbon then give the “Palm Reader” a chance. A very smooth bourbon flavor with a nice hint of cacao and bitters that started out strong but ended up being easy on the taste buds.

Made with bourbon, cacao rum, licor de elote, palo santo, and bitters

Review: Sexy Sultry S Bar Las Vegas

The most dangerous drink of the evening was the blackberry lavender lemonade. This is one of those that sneaks up on you. You cannot taste the alcohol and I even asked the server if had any and she said this was a common question. A refreshing lemonade taste with a sprig of mint and blackberries on top. Fresh light and delicious. 

Made with blackberries, lavender, fresh lemonade, and you can add on (I did) a shot of 44-degree North Huckleberry Vodka.

Review: Sexy Sultry S Bar Las Vegas

The last cocktail of the evening was “Summer Evening”. It smelled like a watermelon jolly rancher, one of my favorites. Very light and refreshing with a slightly bitter taste that surprised me.

Made with Grey Goose Essences watermelon and basil, fresh watermelon, basil, and lemon.

Review: Sexy Sultry S Bar Las Vegas

What I Ordered At The S Bar Las Vegas

Take note that this is a bar, hence the name although more of a nightclub than what probably popped up in your mind. For some reason bars and nightclubs tend to have some of the best-tasting food bites to be found. The S Bar Las Vegas was no exception.

Tuna Poke – the chips were light and fried perfectly. Poke was fresh and the vinegar flavor was bordering on just too much but held the line.

Poke Nachos at S Bar Las Vegas

Lobster Mac – Nicely presented and the surprise dish of the evening. The cheese topping was just right and the mac was slightly el dente, with lots of big pieces of lobster. The cream sauce was on the bottom and didn’t overpower the dish. Would order again. Almost not Mac and cheese, closer to a seafood pasta dish.

Lobster Mac at S Bar Las Vegas

Wagyu Sliders – The bread is tasty-soft, ideal for a slider, loved the port wine sauce and onions. The Wagyu beef was charred nicely like it was direct from the grill. I didn’t try the peppers because I wanted to keep my palate clean as I tasted all the other goodies.

I should have ordered it last and given it a go.

S Bar Wings – Honestly I felt a little out of place eating chocking wings at the S Bar Las Vegas but I carried on in the spirit of a full review.

You really can’t taste the honey or mustard but the flavor went all the way through each chicken wing making them tasty and flavorful. A light crisp on the outside and extra moist and juicy on the inside, just the way I like it. I felt like a few were over-salted on the ends but overall seasoned quite well. 

Chicken Wings at S Bar Las Vegas

Crème Brûlée – The shredded stuff on top is filo kind of like shredded dough, interesting and more decorative than anything else. I did find myself snacking on it though, ha!

The chocolate chip cookie was excellent and although we hadn’t even tried the crème brûlée yet we wondered about this pairing. The crust was a bit heavy and thick and should have been thinner. We both felt that the crème was too shallow, and needed to be a bit deeper. Excellent flavor overall.

Creme Brule at S Bar Las Vegas


From the host stand outside to the server at our table the service was top-notch. Friendly and knowledgeable the entire staff really made our night enjoyable.


The ambiance at S Bar Las Vegas is definitely one of its strengths. From the decadent outside sign to the unique seating inside you really couldn’t go wrong.

Review: Sexy Sultry S Bar Las Vegas

Lots of unique art pieces on the wall and lighting that really added to the overall flavor of the space. My wife and I both agree that this is a place we would like to come back to.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are getting ready for a night on the strip or looking for a place to tuck in and enjoy the night I think the S Bar Las Vegas should be on the shortlist.

Easy access, professional staff, and a cool vibe to enjoy the night, have you been here? Let us know in the comments what you thought.


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