Review: Phoenix Admirals Club Gate A7

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I just had breakfast at the American Express Centurion lounge and still had an hour to spare so I slid over to the Phoenix Admirals club to see how they compared.

A bit busier and a whole lot smaller but it is also one of 3 Admiral Club locations at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and not shared with another airline like the Honolulu Admirals Club.


The American Airlines website currently lists 3 Admiral Club locations at the Phoenix Airport. 2 are located in Concourse A, above gates A7-A9 and between gates A19-A21. The other is located in Concourse B above gates B5 and B7

The Phoenix Admirals Club that I visited was the one at concourse A above gates A7 and A9 and it was quite busy on both visits during a recent trip.

Take a quick trip up the elevator and you will see the double frosted glass doors next to the roped-off model aircraft. Watch out for people travelers checking flight status on their phones and walking fast, you might get run over.


Open daily from 5 am to 11:45 pm

Service Angels

The service at the front desk is all business and efficient in any discussion you have with them. Observe the inflow at any given time and you will see why, it is busy here.

I didn’t have any interaction with the Angels here, which is a good sign, but I did overhear someone getting help and like most Angels, they knew their stuff.

Phoenix Admirals Club Food

I counted 3 coffee stations here which were spread out thoughtfully from the entrance and main food area. Ice water and juice at the bar along with a soda (pop) machine near the cereal.

Avocado toast, of course, and I tried 2 variations because everything looked fresh and tasty. I think the prosciutto slice was a bit much for me so I will stick with the vegetarian option only in the future.

Too much onion? only if you are talking to me.

I only had room for one breakfast taco as I just came from the American Express Centurion lounge, next time I will make this my first stop. If you read some of my other hotel reviews you will know I am a sucker for a tortilla covered in just about anything (kobe beef preferred).

I saw the egg skillet go empty and it got replaced quickly, within a minute or so, the staff was on it during this visit.

They had the usual hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, and fresh fruit along with a variety of hot and cold drinks. I like to take the yogurts and put them in a bowl with some fruits or granola but didn’t have time this go round.

I love some hard-boiled eggs but the super cold ones I just can’t stomach, if I was making a mad dash and needed something to go I might consider it.


They definitely used every nook and cranny to squeeze in a variety of seats and thankfully they were not the hard cafeteria-style chairs one might expect. All were spacious and comfortable with lots of power outlets nearby.

I was only able to grab one shot of the chairs because it was so busy, next time around hopefully I will grab some more and update this article.

This visit was during the NFL divisional playoffs so most T.V.s had game commentary on and the bar while not completely full was busy. I stayed about 20 minutes total and saw about 15-20% of the taken seats rotate during that time.

Final Thoughts

The staff was popping along at all stations here from check-in to restocking to cleaning. I enjoyed the busy energy of the place even though it felt tight.

Will gladly stop by again on my way through Phoenix for a quick electronic charge and hopefully a tasty taco.


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