Delta Sky Club Honolulu | Guide & Review (2024)

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As I continue my quest to visit all the airline lounges in Hawai’i I can now check off the Delta Airlines, Delta Sky Club Honolulu. I only have to visit a few more until I can say I have visited them all, some unique insights about them are starting to form.

I did enjoy my visit to the Delta Sky Club in Honolulu and look forward to returning before future flights to keep abreast of any changes. Here is my experience.

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How To Access The Delta Sky Club In Honolulu

If you are a regular at the Delta Sky Clubs skip ahead but if it’s your first time or you are not sure if you have access then this section is for you.

The first thing you need to know is what are the rules for accessing this lounge and if the rules you know of are still current.

It goes without saying that the best way to get this information is directly from the Delta website as policies are always being updated and changed. You can visit them directly here and if the wall of text is just too much read this detailed guide from One Mile At A Time.

Unlike other lounges, you cannot access the Delta Sky Club more than 3 hours before your flight. The exception would be if you are connecting and the time between eligible flights is more than 3 hours.

I accessed this Sky Club with my American Express Platinum Card along with my Delta Airlines boarding pass. If you fly a lot and want access to lounges at airports around the world this is probably one of the best cards you can have in your wallet.

a lobby with a desk and chairs

Delta Sky Club Honolulu Location

This Sky Club is located in terminal 2 near gate F1.

I visited during the evening hours and walked passed the entrance without seeing the signage at all. Because the entrance is tucked into the wall it can be easily missed and the actual sign is not well lit.

Look instead for the bollards with red velvet ropes and if you pass gate F1 on your right then you have gone too far. The photo below shows a nice bright landscape photo over the entrance so maybe keep an eye out for that as well.

a row of chairs in a airport

Delta Sky Club Honolulu Hours

The Delta Sky Club at the Honolulu Airport is open daily from 6:45 am to 10:15 pm

This covers all the Delta flights out of Honolulu unless there is a delay. My flight started boarding at 9:20 pm and was the last flight out for the day so it does seem like they have added some buffer in there.

Delta Sky Club Honolulu Food

To date, the Delta Sky Club at the Honolulu Airport has the best food offering of any airline lounge at this airport. I loved the curry when I visited the AA Admirals Club here and the selection at the United Club was also excellent, but this Delta lounge has taken things up a couple of notches in the food category.

I have also visited the Plumeria Lounge with Hawaiian Airlines and it is lackluster at best, if the Alaska deal goes through it will be something to keep an eye on.

If the bartender is in you will be greeted with a hearty “Aloha” and if you head that way you will come across some ice tea, water, lemonade, and hot tea options, all self-serve.

a row of drinks dispensers on a counter

Take one step past the unleaded options and you are at the bar. I stayed in the lounge for about 45 minutes and counted about 8 umbrellas floating around, all good if they sleep on the plane, which they did.

Get that last Mai Tai in before heading home.

a drink with an umbrella and a sign on a tray at the Delta Sky Club Honolulu

Right next to the bar is a shave ice machine that the staff will work for you along with some tropical syrup flavors. A digital coffee machine for all the bean flavors you need is next and everything was spotless. The staff were very active with keeping things stocked, clean, and they all had a professional demeanor about them.

A beautiful fresh fruit platter was brought out while I was in line and I got lucky with this shot, about 5 minutes later it looked a bit different.

a plate of fruit on a counter

These Reuben sandwiches were delicious and fresh, I had one and imagined all the lounge rats stuffing them in their carry-ons. Everyone seemed to behave during my visit.

a plate of sandwiches with a knife

A great charcuterie board that was restocked twice during my visit.

a plate of food on a table

A simple salad bar with edamame, Greek vegetables, and a few other options. The wraps in the bottom of the photo were a bit bland but if you are looking for something filling for a flight I think they are a good option.

a table with food on it

Steamed rice, corn chowder with bacon, and Japanese vegetable curry were some of the hot options. The rice was cooked perfectly but I wasn’t a fan of the other two options.

I was a fan of the huli huli chicken, nothing like the huli huli chicken I have had growing up here but it was delicious, I got two servings.

a metal pot on a scale
a plate of food and a drink on a table

The lounge also had some nice dessert options with a self-serve ice cream box, cookies, and chocolate delights.

a freezer with a light bulb inside
a table with a tray of cookies and baskets


It seems to me that any chair designer who wants inspiration should visit airline lounges. The variety of seats available, quality, and unique features really make this a part of the whole lounge experience. I just visited the Alaska Airline lounges in Seattle and saw some truly unique “loungers” that I would love to have in my home.

The options at this lounge we pretty basic compared to larger mainland lounges but for Honolulu pretty much on par, United seems to have the best along with a view.

Business Center

Not really a business center per se but a segmented area with high-back office chairs and desk space to get some work done. A multi-function office machine that had fax capabilities in case you needed to contact the 90’s was available.

a room with a printer and chairs and a paddle


This bathroom was small and I am not sure how the line is during the day but it seemed like that could be an issue during peak times. Being that I was on the last flight out it was empty and allowed me to snap some photos.

Clean with a few simple decorations it was pleasant and functional.

a bathroom with a marble counter top

Final Thoughts

At this point, the Delta Sky Club at the Honolulu Airport is my top pick for food options. If you do like plane spotting or a bit more of an “open” space then you may take a dislike to the fact there are no windows in this lounge.

Steps from the security checkpoint and right next to my flight out of F2 I think this lounge is one of the better options at the Honolulu Airport, look forward to returning soon.


Brandon Hughes
Brandon Hughes
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