Hawaiian Airlines Holoholo Challenge On Beautiful Kaua’i

Hawaiian Airlines Holoholo Challenge On Beautiful Kaua’i

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Registration for the Hawaiian Airlines Holoholo Challenge 2023 is now available. The Hawaiian Airlines Holoholo Challenge was inaugurated in 2020, serving as a distinctive opportunity for friends to holoholo (go out) and stay connected.

Taking inspiration from the captivating Hawaiian Islands, this virtual fitness challenge introduces courses that bridge the distances between some of the most revered locations. Now marking its fourth year, the Holoholo Challenge is set to highlight the stunning landscapes of Kaua‘i for 2023.

You can register here or read on for more information about this fun challenge and be sure to learn about the the things to do on Kaua’i.

What’s in Store for Participants?

Upon registration, participants will receive a unique race kit, set to be dispatched by year-end. This kit comprises:

A Holoholo Challenge apparel of your preference (options include a t-shirt, a long-sleeve hoodie, or a hat).

Hawaiian Airlines Holoholo Challenge On Beautiful Kaua’i

A special 2023 commemorative medal.

Hawaiian Airlines Holoholo Challenge On Beautiful Kaua’i

Throughout November, participants can walk, run, or form relay teams to cover the virtual course distance, which is inspired by iconic spots in Kauai. It’s essential to note that these virtual courses are not meant to be followed in real life.

As you progress, log your miles on the platform, and when you complete the distance, consider it as crossing the finish line.

They areextending an invitation to international participants to be a part of the Holoholo Challenge. However, please note that this RunSignup platform is exclusively in English.

Additionally, you have the option to contribute to the McBryde Garden, a nonprofit located on Kaua‘i’s south shore. Hawaiian Airlines pledges to match these donations, directing the funds to the Hawaii Community Foundation – Maui Strong Fund during this crucial period.

If you are looking for to donate to Maui in general see these trusted Maui charities.

Maximize Your Experience

The virtual fitness challenge is distinct from traditional races. Enhance your Holoholo Challenge journey with their exclusive tips and tricks. Stay connected with fellow participants globally and remain updated with the latest news by joining the Hawaiian Airlines Holoholo Challenge Facebook Group.

How It Works

Throughout November, you can walk, run, or participate in the relay to cover the virtual course, which is influenced by Kauai’s iconic spots. Log your progress on the website, and view the completion of your distance as reaching the finish line. Please remember, these virtual paths are not meant for real-life navigation.

For this year’s Holoholo Challenge, they are welcoming participants from around the world. However, please note that the RunSignup platform is provided exclusively in English.

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How To Prepare For A Virtual Challenge

Planning Your Runs:

Divide the total miles of the challenge by weeks to understand the required mileage.
For a 50-mile course, aim for 12.5 miles/week; for a 170-mile course, target 42.5 miles/week.
Mix up your daily run lengths for recovery and consider adding evening walks to accumulate miles.

Gear Recommendations:

Shoes: Essential for avoiding injuries. Choose quality brand shoes that offer good cushioning and support for long runs, responsiveness for tempo runs, and lightweight features for race days.
Shorts: Opt for lightweight, breathable shorts mens short from a variety of brands on Amazon and for women check out the selection from Lululemon, especially considering humid conditions. Some shorts come with pockets for convenience during runs.
Avoid Chafing: Use products from trusted brands to prevent friction.
Safety: Always inform someone about your run route and expected return time. Consider using clip-on lights for early morning or night runs.
Hydration: Plan your hydration strategy, especially for longer runs. Consider using a hydration pack.

Staying Safe & Motivated:

Update your mileage on the online platform regularly.
Involve friends in the challenge and consider joining or creating a team.
Share your progress on social media using #HoloholoChallenge.
With these insights, participants can confidently tackle the Holoholo Challenge and reach the virtual finish line.


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