Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

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No doubt you have heard of the recent tragedy that occurred on Maui earlier this week. The complete devastation of Lāhainā has unfolded before me and I am still trying to digest it all.

The time has come to find trusted Maui charities that we can rely on to handle our money with the utmost integrity while providing the most impact for those affected.

Unfortunately, I am already seeing comments of scammy links and fundraisers with no oversight or accountability in place.

Here is a list of trusted Maui charities and national organizations that are working to help those affected by the recent fires.

Hawai’i Red Cross

A trusted organization the world over and your donation will support many causes globally. If you want to have your donation go directly to those affected by the wildfires in Hawai’i then be sure to select the option in the dropdown menu as seen in the image below.

the Red Cross is one of the most trusted Maui Charities

You can also dial 1-800-RED-CROSS (800-733-2767), or text the keyword REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 donation.

Salvation Army – Hawai’i

The Salvation Army is considered a trustworthy organization due to its long-standing history of providing aid and support to those in need. Established in 1865, it has built a reputation for transparency, efficiency, and dedication to its mission.

The organization operates in over 130 countries, providing services such as disaster relief, rehabilitation centers, and support for the homeless and impoverished. The Salvation Army’s commitment to ethical practices is reflected in its financial accountability and governance, with a significant percentage of donations going directly to programs and services.

Its adherence to its core values and consistent demonstration of integrity has earned the trust of donors and communities worldwide.

Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

Maui United Way

As part of the larger United Way network, Maui United Way focuses on addressing critical human needs in areas such as education, income stability, and health within Maui County.

They collaborate with various local agencies and organizations to ensure that donations are directed to where they are needed most. Their financial practices are open and accountable, with regular audits and public reporting to ensure that funds are used efficiently and effectively.

The organization’s dedication to improving the lives of the people in Maui, along with its transparent and responsible handling of contributions, has established Maui United Way as a reliable and respected entity in the community.

Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

Hawai’i Community Foundation – Maui Strong Fund

The Hawai’i Community Foundation (HCF) is regarded as a trustworthy organization due to its extensive history of stewardship, transparency, and commitment to the Hawaiian community.

Since its inception in 1916, HCF has been dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Hawai’i’s people by connecting donors with community needs. They manage over 900 funds, ranging from scholarships to community improvement projects, and have a transparent approach to their financial practices, regularly publishing detailed reports and undergoing external audits.

The foundation’s strategic focus on collaboration with local nonprofits, businesses, and government ensures that funds are used effectively to address the most pressing issues in the community. HCF’s integrity, combined with its long-standing reputation for community engagement and responsible financial management, has solidified its position as a reliable and respected organization in Hawai’i.

Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

Maui Humane Society

Providing shelters, supplies, relocation, and lost/missing pet services on the island of Maui. The Maui Humane Society’s reputation for compassion, integrity, and responsible stewardship of resources has earned it the trust and support of the local community and animal lovers everywhere.

Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

Maui Foodbank

Serving as the primary hub for collecting, warehousing, and distributing food to partner agencies in Maui County, the Maui Food Bank plays a crucial role in alleviating hunger.

They work with a network of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, local farmers, and community members to gather food supplies, ensuring that those in need, including children, families, and the elderly, have access to nutritious meals.

Their transparent operations, commitment to community welfare, and collaboration with over 120 partner agencies have made the Maui Food Bank a respected and essential part of Maui’s efforts to combat hunger and provide sustenance to those who need it most.

Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) is a member-based nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the cultural, economic, political, and community development of Native Hawaiians.

Established in 2001, CNHA works to empower Native Hawaiians by providing access to resources, advocating for policy changes, and offering programs that support education, housing, economic development, and cultural preservation. Through collaboration with various community organizations, governmental agencies, and private sectors, CNHA aims to create a unified voice and a supportive network that fosters growth and prosperity within the Native Hawaiian community.

Their dedication to transparency, inclusivity, and the promotion of self-determination has made CNHA a respected and influential entity in the ongoing efforts to uplift and advance the interests of Native Hawaiians.

Donate to Trusted Maui Charities | Reputable Ways to Help Lāhainā Fire Victims

Update: Thanks to additional matching commitments, we have increased our matching campaign to $1,000,000. Every dollar that you give will get matched, up to that amount.

Mahalo to these organizations that have committed funding:
Alakaʻina Foundation Family of Companies
Kamehameha Schools
Queens Healthcare Systems
Na Kupuna Foundation
Hawaiʻi Pacific Foundation
Hui Huliau Foundation
Hawaiian Native Corporation
Alaska Airlines
Lunalilo Trust
Liliʻuokalani Trust

Final Thoughts

If you know of a trusted organization on Maui or that is supporting Maui leave a comment below and I will take a look. If there is no information online or it is “hidden” I will not put it on the list. Also if it was just recently created I will not put it on the list. This is not to say it is not deserving or trustworthy but I need to verify first.

Mahalo to everyone for supporting these organizations.


  1. Hi!
    Since they lost everything over there I would like to donate clothing, bedding, light blankets, dog leashes and collars ( all either new or in good order), pet food etc.
    Are any of these organizations taking supplies to Maui? Where can I drop them off? ( I live in Southern California zip 91701 ).
    Thanks, Ute

    • Aloha Ute,

      Thank you so much for offering to give during this time, your generosity is heartwarming.

      I know officials on Maui and the major support organizations are asking for a hold on physical donations at this time. The response has been truly incredible and they are now faced with an overload. I can’t imagine the logistics involved.

      Consider a monetary donation at this time for the most impact or monitor the Maui Humane Society for any physical donation needs in the future.


  2. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Hawaii. That being said, our politicians in office, who are so very good at pissing away millions, billions and even trillions of dollars need to step up and take care of this. How about instead of extra billions going to Ukraine we use that money to help our own citizens? Nothing against charitable organizations, but the general public is getting tired of having to pitch in after-tax dollars when there is so much wasteful spending in Washington right now.

    • Hi Michael,

      I hear you 100%. It’s 9:30 am in Hawai’i as I write this and I don’t think I want to get wound up so early on wasteful spending in DC.

      For now, I will focus on Maui and doing what I can. Washington for another day.

      Mahalo for your thoughts and comment.

  3. Thanks for that excellent list! A few thoughts:
    1. Please consider adding Maui Chamber of Commerce
    2. The Maui Unitied Way offers the ability to direct donations through them to several of the organizations you have listed i.e. Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc Click “Agency Designation” on their Donate Page and a dropdown box “Please Select” appears on the lower right side. Click on it and about two dozen Agencies appear.
    3. Charity Navagator is an excellent resource to insure the integrity of a Charity. There is a webpage listing 24 Charities associated with the Maui Fires, along with the integrity rating of each. All are rated 90% or highter, the Maui United Way is 100%

    • Aloha Richard,

      Thank you for this, I did not know about Charity Navigator, will dig into that site later today.

      Good to know Maui United Way is 100%, makes me feel better about recommending them.

      I will definitely add the Maui Chamber and will be looking at doing a whole separate article on supporting local businesses affected. Unfortunately, it extends far beyond just West Maui. I have spoken with 3 business owners in Pukalani, Maalaea, and Wailuku who supply shops in Lahaina and are struggling hard. I wonder if federal funds and low-interest rate options will be available to them as well, will monitor.

      Mahalo for taking the time to share.


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