Virtuoso: A Guide To Perks & Benefits

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Top luxury hotels around the world are reserving premiere benefits and upgrades for travelers who book through select Virtuoso travel agencies and advising networks: Are you on their list?

If you’re paying extra at luxury hotels for perks like breakfast, upgrades, welcome amenities, rare access to unique experiences, and room service, it’s time to consider booking through a Virtuoso travel expert to gain access to VIP treatment and travel benefits at no extra cost!

Couple lounging by pool enjoying Virtuoso VIP Perks and amenities.

What is Virtuoso?

Virtuoso is an elite network of travel advising experts with inside connections to all of the world’s top luxury hotels and resorts.

Specializing in experiential travel without the costly fees, Virtuoso travel experts curate the rare opportunities you wouldn’t find otherwise, all while making sure any travel needs you could possibly imagine are met and exceeded.

Booking through Virtuoso opens the door to the best possible rates and bonuses for your stay at over 1,300 hotels worldwide at no extra cost. Many agencies that work with Virtuoso are also a part of the The Four Seasons Preferred Partners, Belmond Bellini Club, Aman, Shangri-La Luxury Circle, Hyatt Prive, Marriott STARS & Luminous, and several others..

Wondering how it all works? Select hotels extend special privileges to travelers booking through Virtuoso advisors as part of an ongoing campaign to direct travel agency recommendations to their hotels instead of elsewhere, a huge benefit for the luxury traveler like yourself!

By maintaining this relationship with their advising contacts, hotels watch their bookings increase while travelers gain access to virtuoso benefits they wouldn’t find otherwise. It’s a win-win situation!

Virtuoso: A Guide To Perks & Benefits

How to Book Virtuoso Properties

Want in on an industry secret?

World-renowned luxury hotels and resorts are not offering the best deals available on their website!

They save them for the travel experts and agencies with the inside connections. These are the rates, deals, and rare VIP experiences you won’t hear about through the general hotel booking platform you can reserve through on your phone. Instead, these advisors offer expert advice and worry-free planning so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the strings they’ve pulled in your favor!

Booking through Virtuoso at participating hotels and resorts is a breeze with a Virtuoso travel expert.

Enter your travel destination in the website’s search bar and cruise through the options laid out before you with stunning photography, key highlights for each location, and the option to explore in-depth details before booking your stay with those extra rewards. Easy as that!

Virtuoso ensures you’ll have the top accommodations for the best price at participating hotels, cruises, and private tours.

Why book through a Virtuoso Travel Advisor?

Virtuoso travel experts are the best of the best in the luxury travel industry! They are a network of 20,000 strong, whose main goal is to curate your ideal vision of a luxury getaway or experiential travel adventure with the most perks and top-tier accommodations at the best rates (because who doesn’t want free perks?). These experts are knowledgable, attentive to detail, and ready to upgrade your reservation status to VIP at hotels, cruise lines, and private tours.

“When the airline kept changing and delaying our flights, our advisor made all the necessary changes to our itinerary; notified our hotel, transportation, and insurance about refunds due; and updated the travel app.” – Kathleen Wade, Virtuoso Client

Is Booking with Virtuoso Worth It?

If flexible rates and free luxury travel perks at no extra cost sound valuable to you, Virtuoso is worth it! In addition to the extra bonuses of booking your next trip through a Virtuoso travel agent, you’ll also gain access to the hidden promotions that select luxury hotels reserve for this network alone and get your third, fourth, or fifth night free!

If you book on your own outside of the Virtuoso network, you’ll be paying the same fee Virtuoso travelers pay, but without the free nights, experiences, amenities, food, or virtuoso only amenities added on to your experience.

What are the benefits of Virtuoso travel?

The benefits of booking with Virtuoso travel experts start with a $100 nightly hotel credit, complimentary breakfast, exclusive amenities and experiences, spa credits, early check-in, private tours, and room upgrades. You don’t have to spend a fortune to live a lush lifestyle, travel around the world, or create unforgettable moments with family and friends. All you have to do is have the connections (and Virtuoso has you covered for that)!

Virtuoso: A Guide To Perks & Benefits

Working with a specialized luxury travel expert through Virtuoso ensures:

● Personalized planning (personalized experiences tailored to your specific interests)
● Travel perks (upgrades, complementary treatments, VIP adventures, and excursions)
● VIP access worldwide (skip lines, visit after hours, and support your destination’s
community members by enjoying private tours with local guides!)
● Insider knowledge (top industry tips and strings pulled, all in your favor!)
● Peace of mind (enjoy your trip while your agent handles the logistics – including
last-minute changes and cancellations – your advisor is there for you every step of the way so you don’t ever have to stress!)

We know you’re capable of booking everything on your own, but why not save the money you would otherwise be spending without these Virtuoso connections for your next trip, and enjoy the hassle-free experience of a completely stress-free vacation?
“Our travel advisor knows the secret local places, the off-beat must-sees” – Vicky Chen

Virtuoso’s Dedication to Sustainability

Virtuoso: A Guide To Perks & Benefits

Yet another incredibly appealing reason to book through Virtuoso is their fierce dedication to worldwide sustainability. Virtuoso works hard to ensure that every reservation they book, industry connection they nurture, and brand they support falls under their three pillars for sustainability:

● Travel that protects the planet
● Travel that supports local communities
● Travel that preserves cultural heritage

In fact, Virtuoso has an entire team dedicated to ensuring that the needs of sustainability are always met with the utmost courtesy and consideration to the planet, its people, and their collective needs for ultimate wellbeing and opportunity.

Virtuoso Mindful Travel Promise

The entire world and its people have experienced a harrowing few years of the trying circumstances of a global pandemic. As mandates expire and restrictions lift, Virtuoso wants to be intentionally aware of what a return to travel looks like.

Virtuoso: A Guide To Perks & Benefits

Mindful travel means booking adventures that benefit the well-being of ecosystems, cultures, and economies through intentional efforts that connect, respect, and educate about the natural world and overall health. For this purpose, Virtuoso travel advisors know how to suggest small group journeys with climate-conscious and culturally aware companies that emphasize minimal impact and financial opportunities that benefit local communities.

“I recently returned from my first international trip since the pandemic began. It reminded me of what travel does best: connect us to our fellow humans and the beauty of the natural world. Never has the need for slow, intentional, sustainable travel been more urgent than after the collective trauma we’ve all endured.” – Rose O’Connor

How Do I Find a Virtuoso Travel Agency?

For starters, this blog! Despite the incredible 20,000 Virtuoso travel experts dedicated to upholding the status and reputation of their work, selecting your own personal travel advisor is a process unique to every individual and small group of luxury-minded travelers.

Each travel advisor is special by their own accord and will depend on the destination you choose for your travels, your accommodation needs and expectations, and your preferred experiences. I recommend Classic Travel in New York City for all your luxury travel bookings.

The combination of being located in New York City since 1982 and Virtuoso affiliation guarantees global connections with the best hotels, cruise lines and tour companies. Their client base is diversified; arranging travel for some of the most recognizable names in art, fashion and finance.

Once you meet with your advisor, or registered online it’s smooth sailing into the itinerary of your dreams! These experts are trained to do everything in their power to make you happy! They are passionate about travel, people, and memorable experiences. Who could be a better representative to have on your booking team?


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