Romer Waikiki Sneak Peek | Renovations Complete

Romer Waikiki Sneak Peek | Renovations Complete

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I have been following this renovation project for a couple of months and finally have a Romer Waikiki sneak peek for you.

This was the Ambassador Waikiki before and is now being run by Highgate who, among other locations, will also be running the upcoming AC Hotel Honolulu downtown. Another one I will be watching closely.

Here is a short video clip, pictures and thoughts below. Will this make my list of top boutique hotels on O’ahu? We shall see.

First Impressions

I am so glad they kept the yellow sign, it’s iconic and really marks the beginning of Waikiki from the Kuhio side.

Romer Waikiki Sneak Peek | Renovations Complete

The colors and design elements definitely put this in the boutique-style category of hotels, we shall see how the food and service levels pair up. The open corner to the street looks inviting and I was told they would be adopting the park across the street that has the statue of King David Kalākaua, a good first step.

The outside corner along Kuhio looks loads better with the wood tones, landscaping, and lighting. Pair this with the nearby Nike building renovation and this end of Waikiki is shaping up.

One thing I did notice throughout the hotel was that the spaces all had a different design element that was quite different from the space you just left. You can see 3 different wall designs in the image below.

Romer Waikiki Sneak Peek | Renovations Complete


A clean crisp feel as would be expected from a newly renovated property. The room I got to see was a partial ocean view with 2 queens. A simple design with subtle elements to keep things fresh.

Romer Waikiki Sneak Peek | Renovations Complete

The bathroom had some nice design elements with the backlit mirror and dark shower fixtures.

Pool Deck

Definitely, the highlight of this renovation is the pool deck. The large striped cabanas, pillows, and umbrellas immediately made me thing of the classic Beverly Hills hotels.

Situated on the second floor and keyed off to guests only, no randoms walking through, it offered privacy and the potential for people watching below. I can imagine some fun events when the bar is put in place.

Romer Waikiki Sneak Peek | Renovations Complete


Lots of cool nooks and crannies to sit in along with a wide assortment of games to keep you occupied. The lobby had a lounge feel to it and I hope they pipe in music during the evening hours, and maybe offer cocktail service?

Final Thoughts

I think they are off to a good start but of course, the proof is in the poi as they say. Will monitor the reviews, pricing, and service levels to see if they can really deliver an experience in Waikiki. A restaurant is due soon so will also keep an eye on that as well.

Their current pricing can be found here and I’m sure reviews will pop up here shortly as well.


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