Review: Delta Airlines Economy A321NEO HNL-SEA (Honolulu to Seattle)

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It has been a while since I have flown on Delta out of Honolulu so I was looking forward to this flight (DL360), Delta Airlines Economy A321NEO HNL-SEA, and doing a full review.

Some quirky things I noticed at the gate and a great experience at the Delta Sky Club made for a fun trip even though it was a red-eye which I continue to say I will never take again.

a plane parked at an airport

The best way to experience this flight is via my video review. I will be doing the return trip to Honolulu on Alaska Airlines so stay tuned.

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Booking With Delta Airlines

I booked direct with Delta for this flight, nothing special but a pretty decent rate at $147 one way. I have seen it as low as $108 during January and February, maybe I will snag that next year.

I use Google Flights as a starting point for most of my travels, leave the date blank, and see what is out there. Because I am in Hawai’i every trip (except interisland) is a 4.5+ hour journey. I get jealous seeing all those mainland deals.

Delta Sky Club Honolulu

Even though I was flying economy I was able to access this lounge with my same-day Delta boarding pass and American Express Platinum card. As of this review, I have been to the American Airlines Admirals Club (also JAL Sakura Lounge), Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge, and the United Club. I will do a review on all the lounges in the Honolulu Airport and compare them across the board in due time.

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a row of chairs in a airport in front of the Delta Sky Club Honolulu

Delta Check-In & Boarding

I checked online and only had a carry on so I was able to skip this area with the wild background. I liked it for its vibrancy but wonder what the employees who work there think.

people standing in a line at an airport

I hold no status with Delta which meant I would not get any Medallion benefits and would be boarding last, always an adventure.

What do you think about these restrooms being right next to the gate? I found it peculiar and funny, to the point of wondering if I could talk to the architect and ask why, maybe next time.

a building with a glass wall and a door near gate F2 at the Honolulu Airport

Delta A321neo Economy Seats

I unfortunately did not get any good shots of the seat I sat in, 31A, mainly because it was quite busy. When I boarded it looked like this…

a group of people on an airplane

…but I can assure you the seats looked just like the image below from the Delta website. Its always a challenge to get a nice seat shot when flying economy, at night, with not status to board early, and when you forget to get the shots on the way out. 🙂

rows of seats in an airplane

I thought the seats were some of the more comfortable ones I have sat in while flying economy. An extra bit of foam makes a big difference and I could see why Delta is rated among the best for economy seat comfort. Also, seat back screens are my favorite, one less thing to plug in, clip, setup, and fiddle with.

Delta Economy Food & Drink

Snacks, drinks, and food are all available for purchase in economy but fortunately, I was able to enjoy the Delta Sky Club before boarding and didn’t need to really order anything. With a departure time of 9:20 pm, I didn’t see too many others ordering food, a typical overnight flight out of Honolulu.

We did get some almonds and a chocolate macadamia nut bar, which was actually pretty good, paired with a vintage ginger ale.

Delta Airlines Economy Service

The staff during the flight was excellent and moved quickly through the cabin for snack and drink service. My seat, 31A, is almost to the back of the plane and I never felt they “forgot” about me.

I appreciated the 2 passes during the night with water and felt the staff all displayed a friendly and professional demeanor.

Final Thoughts

For a narrow body aircraft on a long over water flight, in economy, I thought this was a pretty nice flight. I was as comfortable as could be expected and would gladly take this flight again in the future. Of course I would prefer a daytime flight on a wide body aircraft but sometimes you have to follow the money.


Brandon Hughes
Brandon Hughes
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