Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

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Walking into The Kaimana Beach Hotel, the inviting sound of the Pacific Ocean sets the scene for my visit to the Hau Tree brunch. I’m here to discover why this location is loved by so many visitors and locals alike.

With the ocean as my backdrop, I can see the roped-off area that protects Kaiwi (a local monk seal) and her newborn pup. I literally sit beachfront under a Hau tree which sets the stage for one of the most relaxing meals I have ever had on the edge Waikiki.

Incidentally this restaurant made my list of the best places to eat on Oahu.

The iconic Hau tree with lights that I sat under while enjoying the Hau Tree brunch

What I Ordered At The Hau Tree Brunch

First up was coffee, (ahem) brunch coffee.

Kunia coffee to be exact with cold cream on the top and spiced coffee below. Refreshing and tasty in an unexpected way. The sweet cream on the top hits your lips and taste buds first followed by the warm coffee underneath. Made with Ko Hana Kokoleka honey and cacao liqueur that was a bit sweet paired with the cream, delicious and a great drink to sip the morning away.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

The Queens Cooler – A strong Calamansi flavor hits your taste buds on the first draw of the straw, very refreshing.

This drink would be perfect on a hot day under the Hau tree and today was no exception. Comes in a tall bamboo-shaped glass with a nice thick almost Boba like straw.

If you like lemonade and spritzers give this one a try.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

…and of course a mimosa, it just wouldn’t be brunch without one.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

The crab cake eggs Benedict was delicious, very filling, and loaded with avocado. It also came with the breakfast potatoes that were cut quite large, which worried me at first but the flavor was excellent making these some of the best breakfast potatoes I have had.

The crabcake itself was very light and flavorful not a heavy patty.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

The “traditional” eggs benedict was just as good as the crab cake option. Look at those slices of ham, very filling.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

Take a look at the sandwich below, can you guess what it is? This was the Hau Tree clubhouse sandwich and it was impressive. Besides the tasty fries and thick-cut bacon, everything was fresh and well prepared.

Cut this one in half or go full Dagwood if you dare.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

The shakshuka and toast was delicious! It made me feel like I was enjoying a light Italian dish for breakfast, it’s actually from the North African/Middle Eastern area, quite satisfying.

The subtly flavored tomato sauce with a soft-boiled egg in the middle and a little dollop of ricotta cheese was a first for me. Add a sprinkling of greens in the center and pair it with some toasted semolina bread and I think I am a new convert.

Will look for this in the future to compare.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review

The Mahi Mahi burger was not done in the traditional style with a thick seasoned piece of fish, instead, it was mixed in with cabbage and a bit of extra toppings. A much more messy version of the burger that you should probably eat with a fork and knife. I felt it was a bit oversauced so if you’re a burger lover, maybe pass on this one

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review


The cool casual vibe I experienced from the valet, hostess, and waitstaff was excellent. I asked several questions about the property and menu and all were answered politely and with care.

I did see a “manager-type” walking around asking patrons a question or two so service levels seem to be important at multiple levels.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review
Photo courtesy of Hau Tree


Not only is this a perfect spot to brunch but I think if I was giving advice to a nervous young man or woman about a first date this would be an easy recommendation.

The open aired seating below the Hau tree is legendary and the sounds of the ocean waves will calm you on the worst of days. One of the few locations in Waikiki that is somewhat quite and easy-going.

Relaxed Oceanside Hau Tree Brunch Review


I valeted during my recent visit but the Kapiolani Park is right at the entrance to the hotel so look for metered parking if you can. The valet here is quick and friendly.

Address & Contact Information

Final Thoughts

The Hau Tree “benedicts” we had were all outstanding and the ambiance puts this location in a class all its own. I rarely see this restaurant mentioned on social media circles and selfishly I hope it stays that way.


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