Rebranding Elegance: Unveiling Wākea Waikiki Beach, the Ex-Trump Waikiki Hotel’s New Chapter with Hilton LXR

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Aloha, the well-known Trump Waikiki Hotel has undergone a significant branding change and is now the Wākea Waikiki Beach, under the Hilton LXR brand. This isn’t just a simple name change; it’s a whole new direction for the hotel. I’m looking forward to following this transformation and will be whipping up a video about it soon.

Stay tuned for that in my upcoming Hawai’i travel news series, additional details are below.

Rebranding Elegance: Unveiling Wākea Waikiki Beach, the Ex-Trump Waikiki Hotel’s New Chapter with Hilton LXR
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What This Change Means

Changing the name of such a famous spot is a big deal for both the local area and the hotel world. It’s about more than just rebranding; it’s a shift in how luxury hotels might start embracing their surroundings and identities. I’m curious to see how this will play out, not just for guests but for the local community too.

The Trump Waikiki Hotel has been a key player, albeit polarizing, in Waikiki’s tourism scene for a while. It’s always been an option for anyone looking for some serious luxury. I’ve watched this place leave its mark on Waikiki, shaping how luxury travel looks in the area along with the Halekulani Hotel.

Rebranding Elegance: Unveiling Wākea Waikiki Beach, the Ex-Trump Waikiki Hotel’s New Chapter with Hilton LXR

The team behind the hotel decided it was time for a change, something that resonates more with Hawaii’s vibe and gives guests a different kind of experience. It’s part of a larger trend in hotels, where there’s a push towards experiences that have more meaning and connection to the place.

Hilton LXR in a Nutshell

Hilton’s LXR brand is all about unique, swanky properties that provide one-of-a-kind experiences. They’re big on exceptional service and creating a special connection with their locations. Seeing the Waikiki hotel join the LXR line-up means we can expect some future upgrades that may translate into a unique take on the hotel.

Why Wākea

The new name, ‘Wākea’, is a nod to Hawaiian culture, but it’s also about the hotel trying to forge a new identity that fits better with its setting.

Wākea means expansive space, zenith, or heaven

Rebranding Elegance: Unveiling Wākea Waikiki Beach, the Ex-Trump Waikiki Hotel’s New Chapter with Hilton LXR
TWA_exterior views

Choosing ‘Wākea’ shows the hotel’s desire to blend in more with Hawaii’s unique character. It’s a shift towards hospitality that’s more aware of where it is and who it caters to. I’m looking forward to exploring this new angle and sharing my findings in my future videos. Keep an eye out for those.


Brandon Hughes
Brandon Hughes
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