Over Easy Kailua | Breakfast Review

Over Easy Kailua | Breakfast Review

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As a resident of Kailua, I have passed this location dozens of times since it opened. As a rule, I don’t visit restaurants that have long lines, even if that means an excellent meal.

Over Easy Kailua regularly has a line during breakfast hours and sometimes even into the late “brunch hours”, whenever that is.

So it is with a bit of luck that I noticed it was not so busy on an early Monday morning drive-by and jumped on the chance to try them out.

What I Ordered at Over Easy Kailua

I asked what their signature breakfast was and without hesitation, the response was “Kalua Pig Hash”. So off to calorie land I went and boy was it a big breakfast. Loaded with kalua pork, fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes, and topped with some fluffy eggs.

I could not finish it for the life of me as the potatoes were just too heavy, definitely a breakfast for two unless you regularly put away 5+ pancakes.

The eggs were very fluffy and exceptionally well done, the best fluffy eggs I have had in a while. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much I liked having sweet potatoes in the mix, healthy and tasty.

The ratio of potatoes to the dish was off I thought as I ended up with almost 3/4 plate with no eggs left to pair with it. Kalua pork was well done but I think if it was a bit crispy or maybe a little “smokier” it would have popped better on the plate.

Over Easy kailua kalua pork hash dish
Kalua Pig Hash

I also ordered two scrumptious-looking pastries, for the article, not me. The apple crisp was perfectly done with just the right amount of apples throughout. Light and “crispy” on top and moist in the middle.

They recommended the ube cream cheese scone and it was definitely a surprise hit. I took half of it home and it was also a hit among my family.

Over Easy Kailua | Breakfast Review
Ube Cream Cheese Scone (left) and Apple Crisp Muffin


If you are going to work the hostess stand at a breakfast place you better be high-energy.

I was greeted with a smile and a great attitude as soon as I walked up, always a good start. The waitress was also very friendly, quick, and not afraid to give her recommendations. Clearly an experienced staff in handling single to large parties, on par with the early morning staff I encountered at the Marriott Waikiki Beach early morning breakfast buffet.

Over Easy Kailua | Breakfast Review


A classic indoor-outdoor dining feel with the street sounds of Kailua nearby. I was seated outside near the pastry area and it was very clean and well laid out.

I always like the mini-chalkboard signs and fresh pastries on a serving platter, makes you want nothing more then quiet corner and a cup of piping hot coffee.

On this particular day, it was quiet and easy-going, haven drove by this location I can tell you thought that it gets quite busy with a line.

Over Easy Kailua | Breakfast Review


Ah, parking.

You are going to have to find street parking nearby or use the parking structure behind the restaurant. I recommend going around the corner from Mcdonald’s if you don’t see anything nearby. Almost everything is metered and the host stand has a bucket of quarters if you need them.

Location & Contact Information

Final Thoughts

Definitely put this one high on your list of breakfast places in Kailua. Over Easy Kailua is popular so don’t hesitate to order to go and then head on down to the beach.

Have you been here? What did you have and what did you think?


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