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It is not uncommon for travelers to leave behind their belongings in a hotel room. Maybe they were too tired to pack up all of their things or maybe they just forgot them after checking out, but it happens more often than you might think. In this post, we will talk about the 11 most common items left behind in hotel rooms and offer tips on how to avoid forgetting these small but important items when traveling!

Phone Chargers

PHone charger are one of the most common items left behind in Hotel rooms

Number one on the list is often phone chargers. It’s easy to forget them after your finish charging your device and it can be frustrating when we need a charge in the middle of nowhere. Luckily there are plenty of USB plugs at airports and some hotels will have an outlet near their desk or lobby that you may be able to use if they’re not too busy with other guests.

Tip: Ask the front desk if they have an extra, you will not be the first to ask.


Toothbrushes always make the list of most common items left behind in hotels.

Number two is toothbrushes! We don’t always realize how expensive these small items can get until we leave ours behind, so make sure to pack extras before leaving your home for vacation. Its surprising how important rituals are in starting our day, using an odd toothbrush can feel weird, pack an extra.

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Show watch which is a common item left behind in hotel rooms

The third most often forgotten item? A watch! Most hotels have clocks in all their rooms which are usually easy enough too see and read but todays “watches” are much more than just a time pieces. Schedules, alarms, and lists are all stored on smart watches so be sure to double check for this one item.


close hanging in closet

The fourth most common thing left behind that many travelers bring with them are clothes! Check the usual spots like the closet and drawers. Its the odd spots that get us, did you fling a shirt onto the floor near the bed? Better check under the bed. Did you fall asleep with your socks on? Better check under the comforter and sheets.


picture of tablet, common item left behind in hotel rooms

The fifth most common items left left behind in hotels rooms are electronics! Smartphones, tablets and laptops are all things that many travelers never seem to remember when they’re checking out.

It may surprise you, given how valuable they are, but travelers continue to leave these items in hotels room. Double triple check.


picture of old and new keys

The sixth most common items left behind in hotel rooms are a keys. We are not talking about keys to the room, we are talking about house keys, storage keys, office keys and keys to the car. A good pat down and inventory check before you leave should help you to remember.

Credit Cards

Picture of credit cards, common item left behind in hotel rooms

The seventh most forgotten item is credit cards! This is because many people carry their card in the same wallet as their room key so when they check out of the hotel, it can get mixed up and forgotten.

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We use credits cards a lot when we travel, sometimes too much, and it goes to reason we may forget them from time to time. Know which cards you brought and review whats in your wallet before heading out.


picture of glasses, a common items left behind in hotel rooms

The eighth most forgotten items is glasses. Small, and most times not very bright like the ones in the picture. We take them on and off, leave them in odd places, and frankly cant see without them.

Consider a chain or eyeglass holder if you don’t normally use one, this will help keeps things organized and not left behind.


picture of pill in containers

The ninth most common item that people forget to take with them after their stay at a hotel is medication. If you need any medical attention, this could be dangerous, especially when traveling abroad.

The pill organizers in the image above are a great way to organize and keep track of you medication when traveling. Consider taking extra and storing them within your luggage if possible.

Passports & Documents

Passports are a common item left behind in hotel rooms

The tenth thing forgotten on vacation are important documents like passports or visas. These can’t be replaced (not quickly anyway) if lost so it’s really important not to forget these things when checking out of your hotel.

Passports are valuable on the black market from certain countries and are very difficult to replace. Keep a back up photo copy tucked safely away in case the unfortunate happens.


picture of jewelry

And finally, the eleventh most forgotten items from hotel rooms are jewelry! Whether it was packed into suitcases without being unpacked first or thrown on top as an afterthought before leaving for home, jewelry seem to always go missing after a trip.

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Here are some links that may come in handy if you ever leave something in your hotel room. These links will take you directly to a help or policy page.

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Have you ever left something in your hotel room? What tips or tricks to you use to help remember all that you have brought on your trip? Share it with your fellow travelers below.