Kona Walking Tour | Ali’i Drive | Ironman Setup

Kona Walking Tour | Ali’i Drive | Ironman Setup

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In this video, I’m taking you on a Kona walking tour. Join me as we discover the vibrant atmosphere ahead of the Iron Man competition. I was lucky with the weather so enjoy the video, it’s a bit long but I try to capture as much of the scenic beauty as possible.

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A quick summary of the video.

Right from the start, we’ll see the newly renovated Pack 19 hotel, and then I’m taking you straight to the Kona Courtyard. Spoiler alert: the Iron Man competition is just two days away, and it’s all about the ladies this year. The men had their race in France but will be back in Kona next year.

While walking, you’ll notice the incredible transformation of the streets. They’re packed with tents, sponsors, and vendors, all gearing up for the race. It’s amazing to see Kona like this, especially with the perfect weather we’ve got.

Usually, I’d stick to the sidewalks, but in this video, I get to walk right down the middle of the road. You’ll catch a glimpse of the Courtyard by Marriott, which is buzzing in anticipation of the race’s start and finish points nearby.

The scenic views just keep coming. There’s a breathtaking bay view, and as we stroll, you’ll spot tons of restaurants, shops, and banners ready to cheer on the athletes. There’s even a cool spot for bike tune-ups.

Further down, I’ll introduce you to the historical Hulihe’e Palace on Ali’i Drive, a former retreat for Hawaiian royalty and now a museum.

Walking through Kona during this time, I couldn’t help but feel surrounded by high energy people. Everywhere you look, there are fit people and high-end bikes zooming by.

Parking is a challenge, but I’ll show you some nifty spots and pointers for beach access. We’ll walk by some notable spots like the Kona Beach, and our tour will wrap up at the Royal Sea Cliff Kona by Outrigger.

So come along, and by the end of the video, if we don’t cross paths on these Kona streets, hopefully, I’ll see you in the hotel lobby!

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