Kirin Waikiki | Mysterious Underground Dinner Review

Kirin Waikiki | Mysterious Underground Dinner Review

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Have you been down these stairs? Or maybe you hike your way up them after a big meal, as I did. Kirin Waikiki reminds me of the 1986 film “Big Trouble In Little China”, I loved it.

I see people staring at this entrance and the main sign all the time in Waikiki. It does stand out and I think it straight-up intimidates people. You can see it in their faces as they stare down the stairs and wonder what else could be down there besides a great Chinese food restaurant.

Located in the “lower lower” level of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki it is in the middle of it all and hard to miss.

I think a villain like “Odd Job” from the James Bond films would be perfect at the top of the stairs.

Kirin Waikiki stairs

What I Ordered At Kirin Waikiki

First up was the sauteed beef tenderloin Cantonese style. I love these dishes that come out piping hot on the skillet, they always test fresh and the sauce is at the right temperature.

If you eat your rice out of the small serving bowl instead of on the plate I recommend you spoon this directly into the bowl. The sauce and rice mixture makes for a great start to any meal.

Kirin Waikiki | Mysterious Underground Dinner Review

I have been ordering more and more stand-alone vegetable dishes in an effort to stay alive longer, this one came with minced pork but eh intention was good.

Wok fried green beans with minced pork, delicious! My favorite dish of the evening and to think back on all those years of hating green beans as a kid. I could eat this as a pupu or a simple meal with rice. Crunchy green beans with taste explosions of garlic and pork.

Kirin Waikiki | Mysterious Underground Dinner Review

The shrimp fried noodle was delicious and a great starch alternative to the standard steamed rice. Don’t get me wrong, I love my rice but a good plate of noodles can’t be beaten.

This dish is also good when warmed up the next day for leftovers so if you have a microwave in your hotel room, or heading back home on Oahu, consider a large portion.

Kirin Waikiki | Mysterious Underground Dinner Review


I have a saying when I am explaining to someone you need to be assertive, “you need to go Chinese restaurant”. This place is busy and the service is fast-paced with no room for pauses or delicate chit-chat. Know what you want, that includes knowing what question you want to ask, and spit it out.

Trust me, restaurant servers LIKE getting direct requests with no filler, it allows them to move quickly and get to the next customer.

The service here was friendly and quick, just like I would expect and I would gladly come again, don’t be shy.

Kirin Waikiki | Mysterious Underground Dinner Review


When you walk down the “Big Trouble in Little China” steps you almost feel like you are in an underground mafia house with a secret back room for gambling.

It is definitely unique knowing the elegant Moana Surfrider sits oceanside right across the street. Cozy and busy, the ambiance is high energy and loud.

Kirin Waikiki | Mysterious Underground Dinner Review


This is a tough one if you are not already staying in Waikiki and you will probably have zero chance of finding street parking nearby. Do try the Pualeilani Atrium shops parking structure that is located on the corner of Uluniu Street and Koa Avenue directly across from the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa

Location & Contact Information

Final Thoughts

I love Chinese food and I love the atmosphere that comes with a busy restaurant, not for everyone but if it is for you then give them a shot. A welcome break from Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi and teriyaki something or other.

Have you eaten here? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.


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