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Kalapawai Waimanalo Counter

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I have had breakfast at Kalapawai Waimanalo twice now and both times have been right after my annual New Years’ day sunrise hike at Hanauma Bay ridge trail.

If you are making an early start and heading around Oahu from Waikiki via Hanauma Bay or Sandy Beach then consider stopping at this street-side cafe for a fresh and tasty breakfast.

Kalapawai Waimanalo exterior

What I Ordered At Kalapawai Waimanalo

I was there with my wife and son so we had a chance to sample a couple of different breakfast options.

I went for the avocado toast which was loaded with fresh greens, tomatoes, and a perfectly cooked egg. You can’t see it from the photo but the toast was the Texas type, thick and flavorful. It hit the spot after a long morning hike while not making me feel stuffed and lethargic.

Avocado Toast at Kalapawai Market Waimanalo

The English muffin with egg was also tasty and the breakfast potatoes were delicious. We all took turns dunking the potatoes in ketchup for some early morning “fries”.

a breakfast sandwich and potatoes in a basket

The breakfast burrito is probably what you want to get if you are a bit more hungry and looking for something filling. It was loaded. I will probably get this next time.

a black basket with food on it


The staff here is quite fun and you can tell they are used to dealing with early-morning sleepyheads along with tourists feeling their way around the island.

I have gotten the same 5-star service both times while visiting this location. These ladies are quick, to the point, and friendly. They will tell you what is out of stock and how long the wait is so you know exactly what’s going on, something I appreciate.

Quick at the register and quick to wipe the tables with a smile, this is one reason I come back.

a woman behind a counter in a coffee shop


A nice, open-aired cafe-style restaurant that gets busy at times and empties out quickly as people make their way to the next scenic spot. The artwork on the walls is nice, and for sale, if you have a penchant for local artwork. Last year when I was here they had someone playing Hawaiian music on a guitar so you never know what to expect I guess.

One major drawback to this location is the sewer smell that comes from directly outside the seating area. I am guessing it is completely out the owner’s hands and space in this area is hard to find, still, it was bad.

I ended up sitting inside with my family and all was well, if you are sensitive to those types of smells consider getting your order to go.


Parking is directly in front of the entrance and along a busy road so be careful entering and exiting the area. When I arrived it was full so I took the next right after the snack shop and found some legal street parking. Whenever you park in or near a residential area be sure to be respectful, it matters.

a car parked in front of a building

Location & Contact Information

Final Thoughts

A great place for breakfast when driving around Oahu for whatever itinerary you are on. I saw lots of people ordering to go and I am guessing they were heading out for more adventures.

I will be back next year to welcome in the new year with new adventures.

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kalapawai-waimanalo-breakfast This is a good solid breakfast location, great for those trips past Makapu'u and after finishing Kokohead stairs. While the service was 5 stars you just cant get around the sewage smell from the outside. Try the one in Kailua if you can.


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