Hawai’i Travel News June 2023

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This past month has had some wild and crazy things happening in Hawai’i along with some other notable events. See the video here or read on.

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Hawaiian Monk Seal Gives Birth Witnessing the miracle of life, a Hawaiian monk seal named Kaiwi gave birth to a pup that was later named Pualani. Many people gathered at a nearby Kaimana beach to observe this heartwarming event. The news of this extraordinary occurrence spread quickly and garnered attention from around the world.

GPS Mishaps: Tourists Ending up in Harbors In May, a tourist driving on the Big Island ended up in the harbor due to a GPS error. Surprisingly, a similar incident occurred later in the month when another tourist found themselves in the same predicament. These incidents raised concerns about the reliability of GPS systems and the importance of staying vigilant while navigating unfamiliar areas.

Bruno Mars at the Fairmont Orchid Bruno Mars, a renowned artist and part-owner of SelvayRey Rum, made an appearance at the bar opening at the Fairmont Orchid. Lucky attendees had the opportunity to enjoy his performance in this exceptional venue. Whether you are staying at the Fairmont Orchid or not, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the SelvayRey Rum bar for a great experience.

Hawaiian Airlines: Boeing 787 Dreamliner and More Hawaiian Airlines has experienced multiple delays in the arrival of their Boeing 777 aircraft. However, it is expected to join their fleet by the end of 2023, with revenue flights commencing in January 2024. The interior of this new plane showcases Hawaiian Airlines’ impeccable branding and attention to detail. Additionally, the low-pressure cabin of their Dreamliner promises a comfortable journey, enhancing the overall flying experience. See my full article on the interior.

Visitor Tracking Controversy: There are discussions about implementing visitor tracking in Hawaii, causing mixed reactions. Advocates argue that it would help manage overcrowding and facilitate smoother navigation around the island. However, others express concerns about privacy and government interference in vacation planning.

Maui Arts and Cultural Center: Maui Film Festival From July 3rd to the 30th, the Maui Arts and Cultural Center will host the Maui Film Festival, a renowned event. Featuring artists from Hawaii and around the world, it promises to be a captivating experience. Don’t miss the chance to attend this major cultural event if you have the opportunity.

Halekulani: Recognized by Food and Wine Magazine Halekulani, a well-established hotel in Hawaii, has earned the 8th spot on Food and Wine Magazine’s prestigious list of top hotel restaurants. This recognition is well-deserved, considering their exceptional dining options such as La Mer, known for its high-caliber, fine dining experience, and their legendary award-winning Sunday brunch at Orchids. Visit Halekulani and indulge in these incredible culinary offerings.

New Hotel and Restaurant: The Wayfinder and Redfish There is a new hotel called Wayfinder in town, and it’s worth a visit. While you’re there, check out the restaurant on the property called Redfish. Rumor has it they serve amazing poke, making it a must-try for poke enthusiasts. Discover new dining experiences in Waikiki at The Wayfinder and Redfish.

Changes to Waikiki Beach Hours Please note that Waikiki Beach now closes at midnight instead of 2 AM. This change aims to ensure better maintenance and management of the area during nighttime hours. If you’re planning to visit Waikiki, be aware of the updated closing time.

Concerns about Beach Erosion A recent study conducted by the UH Institute of Marine Biology highlighted the alarming prediction that approximately 88% of usable beach in Hanauma Bay may be lost or become unusable by 2030. This concerning finding raises awareness about the importance of addressing beach erosion and protecting these valuable natural resources.

Food and Wine Festival Tickets The highly anticipated Food and Wine Festival is selling tickets for its upcoming event in November. This world-class festival brings together culinary heavyweights, showcasing the diverse and influential impact of global cuisine on Hawaii. Secure your tickets early to experience the best of food and wine in Hawaii.

New Tiki Bar: Kiki Kiki For tiki bar enthusiasts, there’s a new addition to Waikiki called Kiki Tiki. Located upstairs, this bar offers a fun and lively atmosphere. Open until 3 AM on select days, it’s a great spot to enjoy tiki-inspired drinks and immerse yourself in the tropical ambiance. Remember, nothing good happens between 2 and 3 AM, but a visit to this tiki bar might just be an exception.

Enjoy your time exploring the latest updates and attractions in Hawaii this June!


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