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Seasoned travelers agree that missing these key hotel check in and check out points could turn your visit into a disaster. Seasoned travelers know there are several things to look for when checking into a hotel. It can make the difference between a small room by the elevatory or a suite upgrade Paying attention to details, being polite, and having the courage to ask can make all the difference in the world. Here is what you need to look out for.

Hotel Check In

Person checking into hotel

Before You Arrive At The Hotel

Download and get familiar with the hotels mobile app, it will save you time and confusion during the excitement of a trip. You may still need to check in at the front desk but knowing you have alternate ways to communicate with the hotel will put your mind at ease.

There are some hotels that allow you to check in on the mobile app and then just pickup your key, avoiding potentially long lines. However, if you have specific room requirements or want to double check on things before checking in, go to the front desk.

Hotel check in tablet

Understand the layout of the hotel and surrounding area, asking to be away from the rail station will let the front desk know you have done your homework. The front desk has a lot of power in deciding where your room is so it never hurts to ask politely.

How To Get An Early Check In At A Hotel

This is it, the number one requested service at the hotel front desk, “early check-in please!”. Unfortunately its usually a demand and the please is left out. But knowing what the front desk person has to deal with can help you approach the matter in the best way.

First off, ask nicely, it really should not have to be said but it seems it does. The hospitality industry as a whole is trained on customer service and how to do things in the most pleasant way. They will appreciate a please, smile, and a thank you, even if rooms are not available.

Make sure the person you are speaking to can make the decision. Many hotel brands empower their front desk employees to make the call but some don’t. If you feel like the front desk person is being put in a bind politely ask if the manager might be able to grant your request. If they handle your request well be sure to compliment them when the manager is present, even if you do not get the early check in. When the front desk person is getting ready to give you room A near the elevator or room B overlooking the garden…..chances are good you will be sleeping soundly that night.

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Make a request at time of booking. There are hotels with early check-in options and 24/hr booking so be sure to inquire when booking the hotel.

Some locations are situated near major airport hubs and frequently get arrivals at odd times. When requesting an early checkin mention your flight number and arrival time. Giving detailed information about your 2am arrival will not go unnoticed by the front desk.

Hotel check in traveler laying in suitcases
Getting that early check in…the most common front desk request.

While not an option for many, frequent the same hotel and introduce yourself to management. If you know you are going to be flying in and out over the next 3 months and staying there it will only be to your benefit. Being polite and getting to know the staff will make all the difference in getting that one empty room at 3am. I have seen many regular travelers, on several occasions, bring snacks unique to where they are from for the front desk agents. I would gladly carry a box of chocolates for an early check in.

It goes without saying that there is a pecking order for guests, it all starts with being a loyalty member. Platinum-Titanium-World-Lifetime-Elite wont get you a room if they are full, but you will probably be at the top of a very long list. Early check-in is also a perk for many loyalty program tiers so be sure to read about Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors and Hyatt Rewards below.


So you need an early check in guaranteed? Make a reservation for the day before you arrive and make sure arrival date/time information is noted. I have personally done this because I was traveling with young kids and arrived at 1am. I highly recommend you make sure the reservation has notes about your arrival time as desk agents can get confused and may fill your room.

Utilizing The Bell Desk

So you didn’t get that early check-in? Fret not, you can meander, gamble, eat at a restaurant, or just sight see, all without your luggage. Most hotels will hold your luggage at the bell desk if you have a reservation, at no cost to you. Even if you are staying at a budget hotel without a bell desk most front desk operations will double as one. Kindly ask and that wall space behind the desk will magically open up.

Hotel Bellhop

Ask About The Room Location

Your room is your sanctuary for a couple of days and taking a moment to ask “Where is my room located and what is it near?” is a smart choice.

If they have you near an elevator ask to be put further away, “please”, a few keystrokes and it can be taken care of. Think about the height of the floor, busy roads nearby, railways, airport location, and anything else that might make your stay less then perfect.

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The age old saying of you never know until you ask definitely applies here and you just might get a free upgrade in the process.

Ask For A Room Upgrade

You just don’t know what the room situation is at the hotel most of the time. Unexpected cancellations from inclement weather could leave the hotel empty for the next couple of day. So it never hurts to ask politely.

A benefit of asking that many people forget is that the hotel may counter offer your free upgrade request. What? Yeah, lets bargain! That $800 a night suite might be offered for $30 more a night on your existing room rate, you do the math. Hotels want to increase daily revenue, if they can book you for $30 more per night and have the inventory….win win.

St. Regis Macao Bedroom
St. Regis Macau Suite

Hotel Check Out


Checking Out Of Your Hotel Without Going To The Front Desk

You don’t really need to check out of your hotel, the bill will come one way or another. But before you just dismiss the notion of checking out every again think back to when you checked in. Yep, checking out is smart for a number of reasons including being courteous to your fellow travelers.

But if you are in a rush and dash past the front desk line on your way out there are options to stay in the good graces of the travel saints.

Many hotels have apps that you can use to check out via a mobile device. Right from the back seat of your Uber, tap tap done, nice.

The other option is to call the front desk directly and let them know you just left. They send housekeeping to clean the room and that tired family with 4 kids gets to check in a little early, karma baby.

Check out the Marriott Mobile App and if you aren’t a Bonvoy member learn more about that program in this article.

Arrange Airport Transportation Early

Its the night after CES convention in Las Vegas and 180,000 people are getting ready to head out. You already know where this is going. If your hotel has a shuttle then book your spot when you check-in as there is often limited space onboard and depending on how far you are from the airport could have a big impact on timing. Oh! your an Uber person and they always come within 10 minutes when you order one at home, not the same, 180k remember.

If you need to have the hotel call you a cab, most likely it wont be the best price but that cab driver knows where his steady business comes from and will do their best to make it work.

Taxi Outside British Hotel

Gettin A Late Check At Your Hotel

I know I know, who wants it to end right? I few extra hours after working hard at the convention after parties (cough, cough) or just enjoying the quiet before getting back to the routine. Here are some tips on how to get a let checkout at your hotel.

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Just like early checkin requests a smile, good manners, and elite loyalty membership will go a long way but check out does have few additional things to review.

If you didn’t get the early check-in on Friday when 50,000 other people were checking in you can easily do the math. Like algebraic equations (sorry!) what is done to one side must be done to the other. What I am trying to say is that when the event is over 50,000 people will also be leaving. This means housekeeping is busy and room are opening up fast, a quick, polite call to the front desk the morning of will work wonders.

Tipping Hotel Housekeeping

Just like at a restaurant, leave a tip for good service, it goes much further then you think. Want to take your tipping up a notch? Leave a thank you note, a kind word or compliment will absolutely make someones day. You never know what someone is going through and to have a random stranger thank you for the work you do goes a long way. No loose bills? Check with the front desk and you should be all set.

Of course the other question is “How much should I tip?”. This will vary from country to country so be sure to check acceptable tipping amounts and customs, you are a guest remember. It is generally accepted though that tipping $1-2 per night/per guest in the room will keep you covered. Did you get amazing service? adjust your tip as needed.

Hotel Housekeeper
Tip housekeeping staff.

Review Your Hotel Bill

Hidden fees, faulty mini-bar sensors (yes thats a thing), and charges from the reservation before you, all have the potential to end up on your bill. If you see something off, the best time to dispute it is then and there, at the front desk. The hotel dinner charge from last night when you were out and about?, get it fixed right away.

In the event you are already on your way, take some time to review on the cab ride or airport wait. You can then begin the process via email and get things addressed quickly, even better call the hotel front desk and talk to someone live.

Man reviewing hotel bill
If you don’t remember the charge, it might not be yours.

Don’t Forget To Double Check – Your Hotel Room

Did you use the safe? Maybe someone else did so double check it anyway. We all forget, if you could get the manager to show you the lost and found, you would realize its quite common.

The most common items left behind in hotel rooms used to be jewelry, but times have changed. Phone chargers are by far the new most common items left behind. After that its clothing, toiletries, eyeglasses, keys, and books.

Phone, charger and cord

Take a moment, peek in the shower for those swim trunks and double check, it will save you a headache.


What has been your hotel check in and check out experience? Any tips for fellow travelers? Leave a comment below.