41 Top Hawaii Travel Apps: Must-Have Tools (2024)

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You arrive in Hawaii and are excited to start your trip but you need some information, and quickly! No time to post in a FB group and wait for an answer (hopefully it’s correct), you need to know now!

This is where the best Hawaii travel apps will save the day for almost any situation you can think of while visiting the islands.

Living in Hawaii all my life and being involved with travel I use several of these all the time and see other apps being asked about in forums.

Take a moment and think through your trip while reading the list, what will you need to know? How will you be getting around, is the weather important? Best restaurants? Understanding the local lingo?

Whether it’s your first time or your 100th, these are the best Hawaii travel apps you need to download on your mobile device before leaving home.

Hawaii Tour, Activity, and Guide Apps

As an avid traveler living in Hawai’i, I recommend a set of apps specifically designed for those eager to dive deep into Hawaiian tourss and activities. These apps will guide you through self-paced tours, assist in finding the best local activities, and even help you book them effortlessly. They offer detailed maps, expert reviews, and GPS tracking to ensure you never miss out on what each island has to offer. Perfect for both first-time visitors and seasoned travelers, these tools are crafted to enrich your Hawaiian experience, helping you navigate the islands with confidence and ease. Let’s look at how each app can be your digital companion in the paradise of Hawaii.

Shaka Guide

Shaka Guide, one of the best hawaii travel apps

The Shaka Guide comes up, a lot, in all the Hawaii travel groups I participate in and is always being recommended.

A self-guided travel platform and one of the most useful Hawaii travel apps according to many who have used it. Using GPS to identify where you are, it explains and educates about each area at a non-rushed pace. Perfect for driving around any of the major Hawaiian islands and taking it all in.

Download the Shaka Guide

Hawaii Revealed

Hawaii revealed, one of the best hawaii travel apps

Available as an app and if you are gonna go old school and get a physical travel guide then this is the one to get. Updated annually with incredibly detailed reviews of all the places to visit and experience. They don’t hold back any punches and give their opinions about every attraction you can imagine. The physical book is available on Amazon and you can also download a digital copy.

Apple / Google


a white letter on an orange background

Booking activities and experiences in Hawaii is big business and there are several apps that make it easier for you to part with your hard-earned dollars. Some are clearly easier to use then others and offer a much better user experience.

GetYourGuide has over 25 thousand reviews in the Apple app store and still maintains a 4.8-star rating. Stick with the proven winners and focus on having a great time in Hawaii.


Apple / Google

Viator Tours & Activities

a blue and green logo

Another top-rated tour and activity app with thousands of reviews. A well-known name owned by an even more well-known name, Trip Advisor. With thousands of tours listed along with activities this a great place to get started.

Apple / Google

Gypsy Guide

a red and white logo

Audio tours for Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Hear all the best things to do as you move along your route. No Wifi? no cell service? no problem, download the guide and let it activate via GPS which is separate from wifi and cell service.

If you like to move at your own pace and learn then this is a great option.

Learn more about this app here

a blurry image of a woman's head

Trip Advisor – Plan & Book Trips

a logo with black and black circles

In case you didn’t know Trip Advisor is more then just reviews now. With the purchase of Viator, see above, they are heavily into the hotel booking along with tours and activities.

A trusted brand that many know and use.

Apple / Google


a white logo on a pink background

I am more of a hotel guy, but clearly AirBnB has filled a need in the market. A great way to experience a bit more then just the great hotels here in Hawaii. For those like me who prefer hotels, keep this one in your back pocket, many times during peak season its the only way to get a bed for the night.

Apple / Google


a green triangle with a pointy design

I personally use this app here in Hawaii for all my hiking. Great details on the hiking path, parking, safety concerns, and more. Download your hike before heading out and access it without wifi or cellular service.

I see many referencing this app in group discussions and sharing informative screenshots as well.

Apple / Google

Hawaii Restaurant and Food Apps

Exploring Hawaiian cuisine is a key part of any visit to the islands, and with the right apps, you can dive into a world of flavors right from your phone. Whether you’re booking a table at a top-rated restaurant, ordering delivery straight to your beachside location, or searching for the perfect local snack, these apps make it all seamless. They not only simplify the process of finding and enjoying food but also cater to a variety of dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can savor Hawaii’s culinary delights.

Let’s explore the best apps that will connect you with Hawaii’s vibrant food scene, making every meal an adventure.

Open Table

a red and white circle with a red background

I use this app all the time. The layout is easy to use and syncs with just about any device. Booking a reservation is fairly straightforward no matter how you do it. It’s the changes, cancellations, and calendar sync that really make this a must Hawaii travel app.

I have used this app all over the United States with great success.

Apple / Google

Uber Eats

a green sign with black text

If you are like me and use the ride-sharing app Uber then this is a natural fit for ordering food. Several credit cards and loyalty programs give benefits when using Uber and many times Uber Eats is included. Get your food delivered directly to your hotel, beach park, or tour site.

Pick from the best restaurants in Hawaii and never worry about standing in lines or making reservations.

Apple / Google


a carrot with a green leaf

Food is always high on my list no matter where I travel in the world. Finding hidden gems for any meal is a goal for every trip.

Instacart can deliver the same day and get you all the munchy delights you need. Here is my list of favorite local snacks, salty-sweet, that will get you started on the right track.

Snack List

If this is your first time ordering from Instacart you can get $10 off your first purchase by using this link.


a green letter b with a white circle

I don’t personally use Bitesquad but I know of others who do. The app is free to download so why not have a couple of options when ordering food in Hawaii?


Door Dash

a red and white logo

Another popular food delivery app that many use here on Oahu. I know many have certain preferences when dealing with a variety of companies so consider this one when reviewing your Hawaii travel apps.

Apple / Google


a orange and white sign

Yep, another food delivery app. I am actually surprised so many actually exist. If you are looking for options with your various Hawaii travel apps then Grubhub offers another choice in the food delivery section.

Apple / Google

Happy Cow

a purple cow with horns

If you are vegan or looking to eat vegan while in Hawaii then this app can help. Thousands of reviews and a solid star rating show that this vegan food app has proven itself.

Eating healthy while on vacation in Hawaii can be challenging, anywhere really, so I think this is a good choice for those with strict dietary concerns.

Apple / Google

Hawaii Weather and Surf Apps

Staying updated with the latest weather and surf conditions is crucial for any Hawaiian adventure, especially with the islands’ diverse microclimates and world-renowned surf spots. These essential apps provide real-time weather forecasts, surf reports, and even live camera feeds to help you plan your day perfectly, whether it’s catching the perfect wave or finding the best time for a hike. From setting up weather alerts to checking surf conditions, these tools ensure you’re well-prepared for whatever the Hawaiian climate throws your way.

Let’s take a closer look at the top apps that every traveler to Hawaii should have on their device.

Hawaii News Now Weather App

a blue and white sign

An app I personally have on my phone along with many other residents of Hawaii.

Set alerts, view the radar, and see the calendar for what’s ahead, a must of many “must have” Hawaii travel apps. With so many microclimates on the islands you really need an app like this to plan your stay.

Apple / Google

MSW Surf Forecast

a logo with blue stars

Offering a free and paid plan this app has quite an array of surf information. Forecasts of what is coming down the pipe and webcams to see what is happening right now. Before you wax up your board take a look at this app, it might be a snorkel day 🙁

Apple / Google


a blue and white logo

Another well-reviewed surf app for here in Hawaii. Long-range forecasts, live cams, and current news will keep you in the know. They also have a cam rewind feature so you can watch your nose dives later in the day

Apple / Google


a blue and white circle with a number on it

If you are going to make the trek to Hawaii make sure you have an app that keeps you up to date on the weather. With so many micro climates on all the islands having a radar view is the best option.

Apple / Google

Hawaii Transportation Apps

Navigating Hawaii efficiently is key to enjoying your stay without the hassle of logistics, especially when it comes to transportation. Whether you’re hopping on a local bus, booking a ride-share, or even renting a bike, having the right apps can significantly simplify your travel plans. This section covers the essential transportation apps you’ll need for getting around Hawaii smoothly, from O’ahu’s busy streets to the scenic routes of the Big Island. Each app listed here is designed to help you move seamlessly across the islands, ensuring you spend less time planning and more time exploring.

Let’s dive into the best transportation apps that are must-haves for any Hawaii itinerary.

DaBus2 The Hawaii Bus App (O’ahu)

a cartoon bus with eyes and mouth

Traveling light?

This app could save you thousands of dollars between parking fees, rental car charges, and fuel if you are staying in Waikiki. Not well-reviewed but if you want to take the bus while on Oahu, this is your only app option. It’s available in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Great for searching for the nearest stop location, routes, and times so you can plan your day as you get around the island.

It makes our list of best Hawaii apps but it’s really only for the island of Oahu.

Apple / Google

Hele-On Bus App (Big Island Of Hawai’i)

a red and yellow flower

Offers route maps, schedules, and real-time bus tracking for the Hele-On public transportation system on the Big Island. Ideal for travelers looking to explore the Big Island without renting a car, promoting eco-friendly and budget-conscious travel.

Apple / Google


a black and white logo

Uber is my preferred go-to ride-share app in Hawaii and when traveling within the United States. I know everyone has their favorite but it does seem that in Hawaii, Uber has a larger presence.

Apple / Google


a pink and white logo

I have never used Lyft and unless it is just significantly cheaper or provides more coverage in a particular area then I probably never will. With that said I know many people have a preference for one over the other. Choose away.

Apple / Google


a black and white logo

A new player in the rideshare marketplace and boy has it made its presence known.

During peak periods here in Hawaii finding rental cars can be next to impossible, especially if you are booking a last-minute trip.

This is where Turo can really shine.

Connecting you directly with local car owners can possibly save you money but make sure to review the process carefully as each owner will be different.

Apple / Google

Charley’s Taxi

a red sign with white text

The reviews are a bit rough with this company but Charley’s Taxi has been around for a very long time. If you can’t get an Uber then maybe this would be a great backup.

Being stuck in front of the hotel on a sunny day is one thing but at 3 am in the morning, you may reconsider.

Apple / Google


a yellow and black checkered sign

Another well-known cab company here in Hawaii that also struggles with the reviews. The legendary phone number is easy to remember in case you need to dial direct.

Apple / Google

Hui Car Share

a blue circle with red text

I haven’t used this app but boy it looks interesting.

They give you the option to rent by the hour if that’s all you need, something fairly unique in the Hawaii car rental market. With several locations throughout Oahu, you use your phone to make the reservation AND to unlock the car, no key is needed.

Let me know in the comments below if you have used this service.

Apple / Google

Biki Bike Share

a logo of a bicycle

This is the major bike-sharing platform in Hawaii so if you like to bike then this is the travel app for you. I see them all over on Oahu (sorry other islands) in multiple locations. Having a solid footprint in a location means lots of pick up and drop off locations, ideal.

Apple / Google

Hawaii News

Staying informed while traveling is crucial, especially when you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The right news app can keep you updated with the latest local happenings, from community events to important travel advisories. This section highlights a key app that ensures you stay connected to the pulse of Hawaii’s daily life, providing not just news but also essential weather updates. Dive into the details of this indispensable app designed for travelers who like to keep their finger on the island’s heartbeat.

Hawaii Now

a blue and white sign

Don’t confuse this one with the Hawaii News Now Weather App, they are different. Use this one if you just want to stay up to date on the local news. It has a weather section but I recommend you get the other app for that.

Apple / Google

Hawaiian Culture and Language Apps

Embracing the rich Hawaiian culture and language can deeply enhance your visit to the islands. This section introduces essential apps that offer immersive ways to learn about Hawai’i’s heritage, from its history and language to its enduring traditions. Whether you’re listening to local stories, translating Hawaiian words, or learning the language through interactive lessons, these apps provide invaluable insights that can transform a simple trip into a meaningful journey.

Let’s explore these apps designed to connect you more closely with the heart and soul of Hawai’i.

Native Stories

a white triangle with black background

Learn the history of a place through audio stories told by local people and I guarantee your experience will be a lot more fulfilling. If you are looking for a Hawaii travel app that will provide that then start here.

Apple / Google

Hawaiian Words – Translation and Dictionary

a red flower with a yellow bug on it

Currently only available through the Apple app store this app can help you understand the myriad of Hawaiian words you are sure to encounter while in Hawaii. Understanding those words will lead to a much more fulfilling travel experience.



a cartoon of a bird

Hawaii has 2 official languages, English and Hawaiian, so when considering some of the best Hawaii apps to download keep that in mind.

Street names and locations are mostly in Hawaiian and the meaning behind the words can be quite interesting. My article reviewing the Halekulani Hotel has some interesting language-related facts that you may be interested in.

Apple / Google


a yellow droplet with a purple background

If you are looking to learn the Hawaiian language in a fun and entertaining way then the Drops app should be high on your list. Let you kids play with this on the flight over and they will be learning without even knowing about it.

Apple / Google

Hawaii Review Apps

In the age of information, knowing where to find reliable reviews is key to planning the perfect Hawaiian getaway. This section covers essential apps that offer comprehensive reviews from both locals and tourists. Whether you’re deciding on a place to eat, stay, or explore, these apps provide the insights you need to make informed choices. Explore the detailed reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp, and use them to tailor your Hawai’i experience, ensuring every aspect of your trip is just as you envision it.

Let’s dive into the top review apps that every traveler should consult before and during their stay in Hawai’i.

Trip Advisor

a logo with black and black circles

You really should download this app before you even begin planning your Hawaii trip. Start your research here, and on my website of course :), and you will be deluged with opinions. Filter out the loudest ones and see what people in general say about a place.

Keep it on your phone for on-the-go reviews and bookings of last-minute activities.

Start saving your ideas

Apple / Google


a red square with white text

I fell out of love with Yelp after discovering their strong-arm tactics when dealing with businesses and reviews. They are still used extensively in Hawaii and as a travel app, you may want to consider this carefully. Not just restaurants but activities and locations are discussed by visitors and locals alike.

Apple / Google

Vacation Budgeting & Finance Apps

Managing finances effectively can make or break a vacation, especially in a destination as diverse as Hawai’i. This section highlights indispensable apps designed to help you handle your travel expenses with ease. From splitting bills at the dinner table to converting currencies on the fly, these tools ensure that you stay on budget while enjoying all that Hawai’i has to offer. Dive into the functionalities of these budgeting and finance apps that not only simplify financial transactions but also enhance your travel experience by eliminating the hassle of monetary management.

Let’s look at the top apps that keep your finances in check so you can focus more on the beauty of the islands.

Tip Calculator & Bill Split

a white circular object with a percentage symbol on a tray

Most restaurants have the recommended tip amount built into the receipt but not all. A handy free app to have when you run into some complicated post-meal math.

The bill splitter is probably the one you will most appreciate, especially if you have one of those (cough cough) in your group.

Who wants to do the math and stand behind it after a couple of Mai Tais?, use the app.

Apple / Google

Currency Converter Plus

a diagram of currency symbols

If you are coming from overseas to Hawaii and want to see your euros or pounds in US dollars then this app is a great option. Perfect for seeing the “real” cost of Hawaii and avoiding cost overruns.

Apple / Google

Hawaii Travel Planning Apps

Efficient travel planning transforms a good vacation into a great one, especially in a destination as rich and varied as Hawai’i. This section introduces essential apps that streamline every aspect of your travel itinerary, from managing flight details to luggage storage solutions. Whether you’re syncing travel bookings, navigating airport security, or tracking flights in real time, these apps ensure a smooth travel experience.

Let’s explore how each of these travel planning tools can help you organize and enjoy your journey to Hawai’i without any hitches, making sure every detail is at your fingertips.


a blue and orange logo

I personally use this app for all my travels.

It Syncs with your email provider so when you book your hotel or air and automatically get an email confirmation, boom, it’s in the app. I can share my trip with another email so they can monitor all the flights and bookings in case of delays or cancellations. If they are traveling with me I can give them access to edit so we both can keep on top of updates.

Allows me to see airport maps and additional aircraft information for the aviation geek that lives inside me. One of the most useful Hawaii travel apps I have and use.

Apple / Google / App For Mac


a blue background with white text

Just saying “TSA” puts me in a bad mood, the only other 3-letter combo to do that was SAT during my high school years…..same letters, conspiracy brother unite!

This app allows you to quickly see what you can bring through checkpoints, delays, how busy an airport is likely to be and to request live assistance. Wait, what? Live assistance?

If anyone has used the live assistance please leave a comment, I seriously don’t think this exists.

Apple / Google

Flight Radar24

a white circle with a light in the center

For aviation geeks or showing the kids there is so much going on during the flight over.

Did you know you can use the 3D view and see what the pilots see when tracking flights? Very cool.

You can also point your device into the sky and see what flights are near you and flying. Wow! In addition you of course get all the flight tracking details you would expect in a flight tracker app

Apple / Google

Bounce Luggage Storage

a blue background with white dots

So you arrive at 6 am and check-in is at 3 pm and you don’t want to drive all the way to the hotel yet? or maybe you check out at 11 am and your flight leaves at Midnight, what to do with all that luggage?

This app shows you all the available places to store your luggage for daily or hourly rates. Many I did not know even existed here in Hawaii, quite an eye-opener for me.

Apple / Google

With the right set of apps, your trip to Hawai’i can be as seamless and enriching as the islands themselves.

From uncovering the rich tapestry of Hawaiian culture and language to staying updated with the latest weather and surf conditions, each app we’ve explored serves as a key to unlocking more enjoyable and efficient travel experiences. Whether you’re dining out, navigating local transportation, or planning your daily adventures, these apps ensure you have all the tools necessary at your fingertips.

Remember, technology is here to enhance your journey, not overshadow the real experiences waiting for you in the lush landscapes and vibrant communities of Hawai’i. So download your chosen apps, but also make time to put the phone away and let Hawai’i’s natural beauty and spirit truly captivate you.

With these apps in your digital ‘travel kit,’ you’re well-prepared to explore the islands with confidence, leaving more room for spontaneous adventure and lasting memories.

Safe travels, and if you know of an app I missed let me know in the comments.


Brandon Hughes
Brandon Hugheshttp://www.suitesandlobbies.com/
Aloha, as the founder and chief editor of Suites & Lobbies, I enjoy offering unique perspectives on hotel accommodations, airline services, dining experiences, and the evolving travel landscape of Hawai'i. Raised in the town of Ka'alaea on O'ahu, a native Hawaiian, and a lifelong learner. My extensive travels across Hawai'i ensure that readers receive accurate and up-to-date information, from emerging hotel projects to the latest in restaurant openings and travel-related concerns. My commitment is to provide unbiased, thorough insights stemming from first-hand knowledge of current affairs here in Hawai’i. I further showcase this on my YouTube channel, where I present detailed visual reviews and updates.


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