A Sneak Peek Of Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner Business Class Seats

a seat in a plane

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Living on Oahu means every flight is a long one, unless it’s inter-island of course, but there is one benefit and that’s having Hawaiian Airline’s headquarters nearby.

I got invited to view the full-scale and operational business cabin seats for their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner that will be in service early 2024, fingers are crossed.

In this video, I show you the features and test out the seat along with the other features. I also have some additional photos and thoughts below.

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Center Aisle Seat Layout

a seat in a plane

With the partition fully raised.

a room with seats and a window

All business class cabin seats will have direct aisle access.

The Seat

a brown and blue seats in a plane

As we have seen in the PR photos from Hawaiian the dark brown coloring paired with the teal trim really stands out nicely and looks polished. This is an unedited photo, as are all the photos in this article.

arm rest of a car

Armrest that raises and lowers depending on preference.

First class seat in the new Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Center divider up between seats in the center aisle, its a 1-2-1 layout for first class.

a seat in a plane
the seats in a plane

Lay flat configuration.

Additional Features

a close up of a device

Wireless charging area, very well done and the future of charging on planes.

a pair of headphones inside a small cabinet

Headphone cubby along with a mirror that tilts up for taller people, nice.

a light on a wall

Dimmable light with touch button control on top

a close up of a power outlet
a black rectangular object with buttons on it

Charging ports and remote control

a seat with buttons and lights on the side

Seat controls and the tip of my toe 🙂

Seat number with yellow lighting to indicate “Do Not Disturb”

Divider controls and divider fully down

Footwell and tray table, I’m 6’2″, lots of room

Final Thoughts

I think the business class cabin is going to look gorgeous. The seating material and colors paired with the natural wood accents and classic Dreamliner lighting will really make this a first-class experience. Having been on dozens of long flight to the mainland I am just happy to have another 787 Dreamliner to choose from.

So what do you think? Excited for this aircraft to come online for Hawaiian?

Additional Photos & Information Provided By Hawaiian Airlines

a close-up of a cabin layout
a close-up of a cabin
a screenshot of a website


  1. Hawaiian Airlines does not have and will not have first class. They only have business class seats.


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