5X Miles With Hawaiian Airlines Gift Cards | Limited Time!

5X Miles With Hawaiian Airlines Gift Cards | Limited Time!

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Aloha lobby fans,

I’ve just received and email with the offer that may have you daydreaming about the warm sands and waters of Hawai’i.

Limited Time: Earn 5X Miles with Every Gift Card!

Here’s the juicy part: From today through Sept. 30th, Hawaiian Airlines is gifting us a rare, four-day-only deal. If you snag a digital Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card valued at $250 or more during this period, you’ll be rewarded with a whopping 5X miles for every $1 spent. Make sure to punch in the promo code HATREAT when you check out.

Why This Offer Beats Buying Miles

Now, let’s get real for a moment. Buying miles outright? Not always the best bang for your buck. Take it from the experts over at Nerd Wallet who value each mile at approximately 1.2 cents. But this offer? It’s a bit different.

🌟 Highlighted Insight: Unlike buying miles, where you're spending money for a fluctuating digital value, purchasing a gift card is different. A gift card holds a solid cash value when redeemed. What Hawaiian Airlines is offering here is pure bonus territory. You're effectively getting a cash-value gift card PLUS miles as a cherry on top! 

Spruce Up Your Gift with Over 35 Unique Designs

And because I know many of you love those special touches, here’s something else to sweeten the deal. These gift cards aren’t just about the miles; you can personalize them with over 35 unique designs. Perfect for any occasion or just to sprinkle a bit more of that Aloha.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure if you saw recently there is also a fare war going on between Hawaiian and Southwest so now might be the perfect time to grab some gift cards and share the Aloha


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